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  1. i got from 4.25 up to 4.55 with almost 10C less my memory is alredy at max 3466@cl16 wont go beyond samsung-bie bad bin
  2. if you look the youtube video i looked at that under full load all core it uses 1.388
  3. they use way to much voltage for the clock 4.4 i can do with 1.1v it goes 1.388 for 4.25 that ridiculous
  4. Just wanted to show how messed up ryzen voltages are
  5. Since there is so much discussion on what the safe voltages for ryzen are i decided to do a test of my own. i set everything to auto on the bios and used only ryzen master to control, ran at stock where the voltages are 1.388 for all core with 4.25ghz, 1.25v for 4.55ghz and 1.325v for 4.6ghz btw i was using OBS to record so the result are quite lower than real 4.6 i get 2820~ here is the youtube video for you guys, just to give some proof dont care about my channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuszq_FLiO8 Results without recording https://ibb.co/G5dHMXV