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  1. Been doing a bunch of Classical editing so I've had some Renaissance music by Byrd (Ave Verum Corpus) going round my head
  2. Agree with all of this, and the offsite backup is being pre arranged with my assistant engineer(s) as my studio *is* my home Thanks for all the info! ^
  3. This is super useful, thanks! One more thing... How come? With setups like RAID 5, 6 and 10, the drive redundancy in case of hardware failure is a very appealing factor to me - is it not to be used as a backup system purely because of the risk of complete data loss is something bad happens while an array as rebuilding (after replacing a dead hard drive for example)?
  4. On that subject actually, what are patrol reads and SMART testing? I should prob point out as well that in its current state, my studio is a home studio, with plans later on to build on a plot of land, so as I say it's tiny
  5. Ok cool, I've had a google and am liking the QNAP series, especially with the idea of warranty in mind. The offsite backup idea is something I've been thinking heavily on as well! If I were to exclude the uses of file sharing and remote access, and only have the idea of a huge backup drive for archiving projects, would it still be worth getting a NAS by Synology or QNAP, or would it just be worth building a small form factor storage machine that wouldn't be powered on 24/7? Would this in turn remove any need for ECC memory if I took this DIY approach building what is essentially a massive external hard drive for backups?
  6. Great with hardware setups, and once I've had a practise at getting used to the software/OS, I'm pretty sound. From what I've heard it doesn't take too long to get FreeNAS running (for example as I'm open to using other OSs), or build the machine. The time consuming stuff from my perspective would be transferring all the files, but even then it would only take a day or 2 across a CAT 6 cable, right? I'll look into the Synology 918+, but had hoped to be able to do something DIY (the whole studio except for speakers and mics) has been built by hand, so that would fit nicely with our homebrew ethos. Re. remote access, it would mainly be used as a substitute for Dropbox if I'm honest. Only for file transfers to/from clients, and if necessary, accessing them ourselves to be downloaded and edited on our main machines. The 10Gb/s networking capability is futureproofing for when we're running two editing machines, referencing media for the same project.
  7. Hi! TL:DR - need advice on building a NAS Context My recording studio in the UK is starting to take off, and over the lockdown period we've had a lot of virtual choirs/orchestras/concerts come in. Naturally, this influx of both audio and video content is starting to take up a LOT of storage. I've got 13TB of total internal and external storage (1TB OS SSD, 1TB project HDD, 11TB external USB 3.0 drives), about 5TB of which remains. While this is likely to last me a good year or so before it's filled up, I do want to find a viable solution both for archiving my old projects safely, and for backing up my project drives/OS drives on a daily basis. My Spec - Mac Pro 5,1 (2x 6-core Intel Xeon, 3.06GHz) - 32GB RAM - Radeon RX580 (8GB) - 1TB OS SSD - 1TB project HDD My Idea Having had about a month to think about this, I've thought of using a NAS to back up everything, and have all files accessible through both a wired 10Gb/s connection, and also remotely as a "personal cloud" kind of thing. I'm thinking of a 40TB RAID 10 setup in the long run, but am open to starting with something a little smaller for now. I've been looking into FreeNAS for running this device, and have also been investigating how to set it up for remote access similar to Dropbox (a recent job paid for a 3TB one year subscription, for which we don't want to continue paying £200/year) so that we can integrate receiving large groups of files from clients. I wanted to see if I could sync a cheaper 100GB subscribed Dropbox folder to this NAS so I could transfer and clear our Dropbox folder to the NAS on a daily basis. I've pasted a link to my PCPartpicker build, which raises another question... ECC memory - yes or no? I've done *some* research on how it works, and am really not fond of the idea of a bit of information changing (eg. in an OS drive), to result in total data loss of a NAS. Budget is a factor here, as you'll be able to tell from my choice in the spec below. For my uses however, as a small upstart business, is it worth cheaping out and not running ECC hardware? https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/xx4Pp8 Does anyone have ideas or specs on a test NAS which I can use to get used to the FreeNAS OS? When I end up building the final archive NAS, would I be able to reuse the hardware, or would it just be better to rebuild that final thing from scratch, and reuse the old NAS as a media centre or something? Cheers \m/