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  1. After all your suggestion and a bit of research this is currently where im at... woulve liked to be a touch cheaper but yea https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/g2Q4L2
  2. Budget (including currency): $2000 - $2500 AUD Country: Australia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Hey all, I am a first year aeronautical engineering student, and i am lookeing at upgrading my pc. Up until recently i was thinking of going again with a gaming build just higher spec this time, but ive now decided i dont play enough games to justify it, and my money would be better spent and utilised on a workstation focused build. I want to be able to run programs like solidworks for cad as well as flow simulations etc, as well at matlab code as well as being alble to have way too many tabs and programs open while working on assignments. i would also like to be able to do some video and photo editing work. I would like to still be able to game on my machine, however ive never been fussed about incredible frame rates or resolutions when gaming anyway... As long as i can comfortably play destiny 2 and similar titles i am happy. as for storage, i currently have nearly 4tb of hdd storage full on my current machine, of whihc i would be happy to keep as just storage but i would like to also have a large amount of high speed storage in adittion. Other details: I am not planning on reusing any old components. I currently have 3 monitors (1 hdmi, 1 display port and one old one dvi i think) , one wide screen and the other a 1080p, will probably replace the old one with a hdmi 1080p monitor, so running 3 monitors is a must, any recomendations for the monitor situation would also be welcome, as i definetely wouldnt be oposed to upgrading to a cleaner and maybe higher quality setup maybe even just at a later date. have keyboard and mouse etc dont need that not too fussed about it looking amazing but would still like something nice. unless theres a case that can be sat to be viewed from the right hand side as then i have space to display but not if its viewed from the left (hopefully that makes sense haha)