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  1. thank you that’s the answer i was looking for, i dont nessicarily care about if it can read pressure or not more for aesthetics
  2. I just purchased an EK Leak Tester and i was wondering if anyone knows if i can remove the valve that you pump into and plug it with a g ¼ plug, and route it in my loop i think it looks very clean on its own.
  3. haha this is the second time i've posted here trying to double check something I was told, I believe you helped me with my last problem haha
  4. I was recently looking at Primochill Vue but after seeing the reviews i've been strayed away, though at my local Microcenter they had a loop display with coolant that had the Mayhems Aurora or Vue effect, but an employee said it was just Blue EK Cryofuel with Light Blue/Blue Primochill Dye added in and it achieved the same effect. This same Microcenter also told me that all custom sleeved cables are the same so I took it with a grain of salt, is there any tutorials on dying coolant to achieve a vue/aurora effect or dying in general?
  5. White and Red is what im going for im doing a white and red accent build
  6. I know but they're unavailable everywhere, just wondering if they were interchangeable but i know now they're not
  7. thanks yeah i was looking everywhere for black label cables and none are available and apparently wont work, (https://www.amazon.com/CableMod-Classic-ModMesh-Cable-Corsair/dp/B07HMD8PH7)
  8. Thank you this is the answer i was looking for, appreciate the response!
  9. really that is good to know, so youre saying i can get a different 24 pin and it should be fine?
  10. It is a black label and i cant find any white and red sleeved cables for it unfortunately but i can find it for the yellow label, and micro center employees said it should be fine but I wanted to research first
  11. I just bought a Corsair RM850X and want to get Cablemod White/Red sleeved cables or any that would work, and It says the cables are not compatible, but according to this ( https://www.corsair.com/us/en/psu-cable-compatibility?utm_source=Future%20PLC._221109&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=490888_Online%20Tracking%20Link&utm_content=Content&clickid=UncSG7TKOxyOUpiwUx0Mo3cjUkiUQDRcE0%3A3Rw0&irgwc=1 ) they have the same connections, and an employee at Micro Center said the only difference is one part in the psu is made in Japan and one is made in China, so they should be able to work with no problems, is that true?