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  1. @Tristerin @gloop and the gpu is 7700hq 2.800hz
  2. @Tristerin @gloop as you can see i have dsabled the itegrated graphics
  3. hey @gloop i tried f3 and it says 1050
  4. @Tristerin @gloop this is what minecraft is giving me
  5. @Tristerin @gloop this is how roblox preforms
  6. i cleaned it from the interior @Tristerin @gloop i will immediately check my temps
  7. and yes i have cleaned it
  8. can you help me fix it or make the graphics better
  9. i bought a gaming laptop in 2018 it has a 4gb 1050 and i7 7700hq its underpreforming badly and hardly running roblox and minecraft at even the lowest setting i use the gtx1050 and not integrated graphics