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  1. 32 GIGS would be wonderful.Also, the height clearance shouldn't be a worry i believe. Go for it.... Good luck on your build
  2. Hey thanks...it was indeed because of dust.... Hey Yes, it was the case of dust
  3. Hey i have not overclocked it. I just opened it up and cleaned it. It had tons of dust. Now the noise is a bit lesser.
  4. I have a ASUS VivoBook F510UA-AH51. I got it about 5 months back and it has already started becoming very noisy. The fan makes louder sound sometimes while performing few tasks. I don't use the laptop for gaming as its very shady....and doesn't let me play a proper game...specs are less...(Tried playing PUBG Mobile using emulators and then game lagged too much so stopped it after playing just once). Anybody can tell me ..what is making this fan run this loud. And let me confirm you that it is not the same loud noise always.... it happens sometimes only....all help is admirable Thanks !!!
  5. The issue got solved itself or did you do sth about it ??? Hahaha...in my opinion this is some sort of Alien Space Ship trying to contact before landing on our doorstep.....
  6. If you want to buy the card like right now then you can go for RX 5700 XT. But, if you have patience to wait a bit, then big Navi is on its way.
  7. I had a i3 Dell Laptop with 2GB DDR3 RAM which i purchased about 7 years back. It used to run very slow so i purchased a new RAM and paired it with the old one but the performance did not change. I am using sata HDD currently. So, i regret at just upgrading my RAM, i should have also gotten a new SSD for it.
  8. My friend also uses the same PSU and it hasn't troubled him much so you can continue with it. Just make sure your warranty documents are well in place for any sort of issues.
  9. I am not sure if you can do that. But if we get a solution out here. I would be more than excited to find it out.
  10. Hey, thanks for the suggestions. I will surely analyse from the reviews of the experts mentioned by you.
  11. When we are doing gaming of 1080P even up to 144hz monitors, here the 5600XT is the better buy. When you pair it with a 3600 you will have a serious 1080P gaming system. You can always use the extra bucks you saved here for other better upgrades in your system which will prominently impact your overall gaming performance.
  12. Being the latest among the both, Ryzen 5 3600 definitely ticks the box for being a more advanced processor. Based on Zen 2 architecture, it is a better processor in terms of faster single,dual and quad core speed. It also boosts a faster overclocked single,dual and quad core speed. It is a lot cheaper when compared with Ryzen 7 2700, hence gives us better value in terms of price. It also has a very low TDP as compared to 2700 and hence can be taken as a much energy efficient model. So, if you are choosing among these two then 3600 is the best option but but Zen 3 processors are gonna be here soon so you always have a option of waiting a bit more and buying the best available product.
  13. I don't think it is. There are more features in FF, which makes it more viable for users.