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    Seattle, WA, USA
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    I like to play video games
  1. Badhawk20

    Please help

    I was thinking about a 2060 but there kinda expensive. I've only got $450-$500 USD. NZgamer I live in the US. And an other Issue I'm having my 250 gb ssd is just about full. So I'm gonna have to get a new hard drive with the $450-$500 as well. Any recommendations?
  2. Badhawk20

    Please help

    I build this PC back in 2015 and basically never used it until the last two months. I play Dayz and Minecraft and the age of my PC is starting to show. I'm here to ask for help, does anyone have any ideas on how I can improve my performance in these games. Short of rebuilding the whole rig I'm open to suggestions. I plain on doing a whole new build sometime text year. Here's my PC https://pcpartpicker.com/list/jqC6Wb