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  1. it was 400fps on 1.14.4, the current version is 1.16.1, but i even tried it again in 1.14.4 but with the same 50-70fps.
  2. These are my specs i7 3770 RX 580 8gb 16gb 1600mghz I am not hitting the fps i'm supposed to on minecraft (ok i get it, minecraft is a "kids game"), the fps that i should be getting with my parts is around maybe 400fps on high settings, but im getting 50-70, i have turned hyperthreading on and off, but there has been no difference, i believe its my cpu, because my gpu holds up well on higher graphics games. My cpu cooling is good, but i still don't understand why its still like this. If anyone could help that would be amazing! edit: my OS is Windows 10 64bit, version 2004