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  1. CH700N from Sony they are high quality, but im worried about if thats normal for these headphones
  2. I have this humming that comes while using YouTube which really bothers me, any recommendations? I updated the drivers and windows. noticed that the buzzing doesn't stop even when plugged in with AUX, the Bluetooth headset is turned on while plugged in tho
  3. my new bluetooth headphones wont connect with my laptop when i turn it on, i need to go to settings, then disconnect it then re connect it or just remove the device then pair them again. my headphones battery is at 60-70%, im not far away from it, ive tried other headphones and they have the same problems.
  4. I just bought the sony CH700N and its amazing, except for one problem. every once in a while (sometimes it happens minutes apart and sometimes seconds) the audio cuts off for less than a second, and it drives me crazy. is there any way to fix it?
  5. my router is really old and it doesn't have LAN ports, is there a way to connect it to the switch? since buying a switch is much cheaper than buying a new router.
  6. so if i have lan ports then i don't need the ethernet switch?
  7. i am interested in buying an ethernet switch to connect my consoles and my router at the same time. do i need a switch if my router has LAN ports?
  8. my router is really old, atleast 7 years old. im gonna get the switch, but since my router is really old, should i get one? would it make the ethernet connected to my ps4 somehow faster?
  9. which is better: getting a new router or an ethernet switch? im planning on getting a new router since my old one is like 10 years old now. but then i remembered that ethernet switches exist! so which is better: an ethernet switch or a new 100$ router? (i mainly game) also: i've been thinking about getting this switch or this one. are they good? which one do you recommend? also also: i've been thinking about getting this router, is it good? i want a new router mainly for gaming. other stuff like watching netflix or youtube is fine. i just want faster download speed.