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  1. So it's not an issue...? Are you seeing the same thing in your task manager....?
  2. CPUZ is also showing 1200 MHz... But the Motherboard's BIOS is showing 2400 MHz........
  3. I already saw some post about "Double Data Rate".... But the task manger showed 2400 MHz Recently.....
  4. Hi.....I'm suddenly seeing half of my RAM speed in task manager. It didn't happen before. I'm using Geil Evo spear (2x4 GB) DDR4 2400 MHz in dual channel. The Xmp profile 2400 MHz is enabled. It's showing 2400 MHz speed in the BIOS. But in windows task manager, it's showing half of the configured speed. I've tried setting the ram in 2133 MHz, but it's still showing half of the speed (1067 MHz in this case). But it didn't happen before. It showed 2400 MHz until now. I've tried installing the rams in different slots, but it didn't work. I'm guessing the problem is in windows.... ????