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  1. In many regions it's significantly more expensive than that. YT Music just... isn't very good.
  2. Problem is it's an arms race; the more people using adblockers, the more ads without them people will have to see. I do use an adblocker but if there's a site I enjoy I will whitelist it I can't afford YouTube Premium, otherwise I'd probably have it. Though at £12/month it's really expensive considering YouTube isn't paying much to license the content - more expensive than Spotify even.
  3. Would be very suprised if any CSF suggestions were ever used, after all they don't seem to upload very regularly...
  4. For me in the UK it was largely Postman Pat, Balamory and Come Outside, with a bit of other stuff thrown in... You may also remember In The Night Garden which, since its inception in 2007, has basically been *the* bedtime program here in the UK, being the last thing shown on the CBeebies before going off air each evening, pretty much for the entire duration of the past 13 years. There are 100 epsiodes which simply repeat (not that this really matters given it's for very young children who only watch it for a few years), and they are intended to relax and calm kids before bed while also educating them on simple concepts such as sharing. It's rather beautiful; pity I was a bit old for it when it started.
  5. I'd suggest a "Video Suggestions" subforum of LTT Official, with people expected to mark the titles of their posts as follows: [LT] - Linus Tech [TQ] - TechQuickie [SF] - Channel Super Fun [SC] - ShortCircuit and so on.
  6. I'm not what you mean. There are a wide range of political spectrums on Reddit, from extreme far-left right the way through to extreme far-right capitalism. That's not to say much of it isn't sh*t though. I once had someone tell me, "Forcing compliance with social norms is a good thing, because it allows us not to eat each other" - I'm not sure how anyone reaches that conclusion, after all the world is incredibly diverse and manages not to be rife with cannibalism.
  7. Correct. However we cannot know for certain if that is true without trying it out...
  8. To everyone whinging about it not being available globally: though I'm a little disappointed that they're being so restrictive with the regions I do understand why they've done it; after all I don't think LMG or ASUS wants to pay to ship a load of parts outside of North America. Plus different countries have different customs/data protection regulations, not all videoconferencing platforms are available everywhere, etc etc. It probably would have been simplest for them just to stick around in Canada, but of course then they wouldn't have a very big base of entries at all. US/CA only seems like a nice compromise IMO between making it available to a wide audience and not creating a load of administrative hassle. Perhaps @CPotter or @LinusTech could confirm or deny this, as it's all speculation on my part!
  9. jokes on you, I have a gif blocker extension
  10. 91 million monthly active users in the US. US population is around 325 million. Definitely not over half.
  11. What is your source for more than half of the US using TikTok? By the way, just a quick etiquette tip - if you want to make multiple points or respond to multiple people, you should do it all in the same post to reduce needless clutter - don't create multiple posts in a row! (If you want to add something after there's an edit button for you to use.) Oh, and by the way - welcome to the forum!
  12. Frankly this is a pretty silly question. I could equally ask why everybody these days seems to have Party Parrot as their PFP, much worse than anime stills because it's bright and animated Just accept that people have different interests to yourself.
  13. There is theproblem of the intoxicating nature of alcohol, and a substantial amount of crime is comitted by drunks...
  14. Oh no, you don't understand. Some obscure feature may not work with every charger, so better just to give the user no choice at all. (sarcasm)
  15. Oh gosh, I didn't realise it was that bad... Of course, some people will disagree with that, or not have the extra money to spend. But, of course, both views are absolutely fine and that's why there are different models
  16. Let me just chime in with a couple more of my own. 1) exclusive partnerships with specific retailers are dumb. They make it harder for consumers to get hold of a specific product, and if one retailer has an issue, then the product simply isn't available. 2) the apple watch doesn't look all that nice at all.
  17. It's also unfortunately quite expensive, and (subjective comment alert) doesn't look all that good. But it's functionality - and the integration with the target platform - are both fantastic, and being Apple their marketing is very good, so it sells well. That said, you don't really need amazingly fast performance in something which will only be used for smartwatch purposes. I don't think anyone is going to be gaming on a smartwatch anytime soon, and even the cheapest, nastiest phones can perform functions such as Spotify playback which these are primarily used for.
  18. I have noted the suggestions that the title may be misleading. As it's a little fiddly to do on mobile, I'll edit it later today when I am on my PC.
  19. Nice unhelpful non-constructive criticism you got there. In what way is the title misleading?
  20. There already kinda-is one - Android Wear - but manufacturers don't seem particularly interested in it. Samsung has Tizen, Apple has WatchOS, Garmin and Fitbit have their own proprietary systems, the Chinese phone makers make a few Android watches but also some with their own proprietary system... what this adds up to is no true flagship on the platform and everyone going their separate ways. The only Android Wear watches are from lesser manufacturers. Of course a watch, being primarily a peripheral to a phone, probably matters less, because people will use it as long as it's compatible with their phone... but still...
  21. Summary According to statistics released by a UK charity, reported threats of "revenge porn" - where an individual has pornographic images of them shared without their consent as a form of abuse - have increased by over 20% during the Covid crisis, and show no signs of slowing down. Quotes https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-54149682 My thoughts This is absolutely horrible. I cannot even begin to think how dreadful individuals who propagate this stuff must be. And the sad thing is that many of them will never be caught. The Internet is a wonderful resource, but statistics like this can really open ones eyes to the horrible uses that it can be put to, in the wrong hands. The good news is that allegedly 94% of these images were able to be removed when they were reported, but 6% still around is 6% too many in my opinion. Plus even those that were removed will still have been seen by others. I know these statistics are specific to the UK, but I would be very surpised if similar countries such as the US and Australia haven't seen similar increases.
  22. Their new subscription service, Apple One, looks like fantastic value for money. Music, TV and 50 gigs of storage for 14.95 would be great on its own; the addition of Arcade for iPhone users just sweetens the deal. Even as an Android user I might find Apple's offering too good to resist... (though I'm not buying an iPhone, I'll just use the Android apps which surpisingly do exist)
  23. This is irritating, stupid, and the people behind it are cash-grabbing morons. BUT.... Your current graphics card has served you for however long. It will serve you for another few months. You do not need a 30-series card right now. Just have some bloody patience.
  24. You do not need an RTX 30-series this instant. You can wait a few weeks for the websites to no longer be overloaded, and the pricing and stock levels to settle.


    The tech world has officially gone mad.

  25. With the "non-offensive" part I expected people to use some degree of common sense, so most of them are probably fine. Unless any of them are openly discriminatory - in which case, they aren't.