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  1. Yes, but buying a Linux preinstalled machine guarantees compatibility of the hardware with Linux, which is one of the biggest problems with switching to Linux as a daily driver. Also, why don't they ship laptops with no OS at all? What stops you from installing Windows yourself?
  2. That's odd.... I've always found them to be dreadful. Never mind. Personally I hate Amazon, but to each their own I say
  3. In the UK (where OP is located) at least, Amazon's pricing on computer parts is crap. Also with the obvious ethical issues many people are searching for alternatives to Amazon.
  4. All of the following are from a UK perspective: Ebuyer - have used them, good service and reasonable prices Overclockers, Laptops Direct, and also SCAN who you haven't listed - haven't used them but they're often recommended - would buy from them if it came up Newegg - their site really annoys me but many people really like them I don't know much about the others
  5. I'll be honest: I've never heard of Addlink. And I certainly wouldn't personally be trusting a company I've never heard of with my data. If price isn't your main concern then buy from Samsung, Kingston, Western Digital, Toshiba or any other of the major brands.
  6. Honestly I can't remember who I was on before, but I switched to ASDA.
  7. Banned because there is a simple reason for this: I was on my phone, and I didn't notice that the cursor had jumped to the top until I had pressed submit.
  8. Banned for writing something that looks like an incomplete sentence.
  9. Banned for italicising the word "you"
  10. Banned because I wanted to respond to that one!!!
  11. Banned for not dropping the E when you add the "ing" to "use"
  12. I wouldn't necessarily include your triple monitors unless you make it clear that you'll part with the PC separately - I'd have thought many people who are looking for an older second hand PC are happy with a single monitor and/or have one already.
  13. Bose seem to have an article about this: https://www.bose.co.uk/en_gb/support/article/product-reset.html