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  1. You can pay a buck for the xbox pc game pass for 1 month and play Forza 4. You can also try "Next Car Game" which is an indie game with very good car crash and driving mechanics.
  2. Maybe try disabling Mouse Acceleration under "Advanced Mouse Settings". Usually isn't the culprit but it's happened to me.
  3. Thank you for not being over dramatic about a budget PSU like some forums I know and understanding that not everyone has the use for a $250 God Level PSU. I'll wait for some more answers but your answer has pointed me in the direction of buying it.
  4. Hey all! I'm buying the parts to finish my mid range build tomorrow. According the pcpartpicker.com, the system will use ~350 watts. I have no use for overclocking and I live in Canada where it's usually not extremely hot, and when it does get stuffy, I have an air conditioner right next to my desk and a case that has great airflow, so overheating shouldn't be an issue right? Anyways, the Rx570's recommends 450w or more. I will be playing games like R6 and CSGO on Max and Just Cause 3/4 and Medium-High ish. I will also play indie games like FTL, Kerbal Space Program, and other games from the Xbox Game Pass PC. Will the 450w CXM get fried? Thanks for reading and have a good night/day. https://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=33_1938&item_id=096571 EDIT: If they have it in stock, Ill be getting the 3100x instead of the 3200.