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  • CPU
    i7 6700K
  • Motherboard
    MSI gaming M3 H170
  • RAM
    Gskill 2x8 gb 2400mhz
  • GPU
    rx 5700xt Sapphire pulse
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    Thermaltake 650W 80+
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    aoc cq27g2u
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  1. I changed the bios from legacy to uefi after that while it was booting it stuck at this screen, it wont respond to any keys. Should i cut the power of my pc? i7 6700k rx5700xt 8x2 gb rams
  2. i have 8x2 ram and no v sync.
  3. so since its free just downloaded watchdogs 2. While iam playing i always get about 50 fps no matter what on low or ultra settings. Radeon software says cpu usage is around 70 percent while gpu is 50-60. i have rx 5700 xt with an i7 6700k is it a bottlenecking issue? And any idea how to fix it?
  4. Thanks everyone for replying ive gone with the most obvious solution placed the case on top of my table.
  5. Human touch is a bad way to compare temperature of electronics, it's pretty unreliable at the temps they will achieve. When you said: Did you use software? i used to check the 970s temp with *asus tweak* and ive checked the 5700xt with radeon software
  6. gpu temperature is around 70 degree but there is a thing called junction temp and it is around 85-90 is that normal?
  7. i swapped my asus rog gtx970 for rx 5700xt sapphire pulse. While the amd is under stress (my case is under the table) i can feel my feet getting warmer and warmer. When i check the tempreatures its almost the same as gtx970 but i ve never felt such a thing with gtx970 and the case was alwaysa under the table. How can i fix that any suggestions?
  8. So there is a thing called iumsvc and it always opens after i boot my pc and uses a tiny bit of ram and as ive seen on internet it also watches internet traffic. When i click on it just blank, should i remove it does it do any good?
  9. So i ve decided to clean my pc after a loong time and it is really dusty. I couldnt find a can of air to clean the dust so i bought a contact cleaner for electronics it is not oil based and it vaporizes really fast. Is it safe to use it to clean my motherboard and fans from dust? I also have a compressor which i used to pump air into Basketballs is it too powerfull to use to clean my pc? Btw didnt know where to post this so decided to go with general discussion.
  10. https://www.amazon.com/AOC-24G2-Frameless-Adjustable-Guarantee/dp/B07GD7H18F?th=1 this even cheaper than 200 but u said 1080p so i dont recommend above 24 inch this monitor has also a curved version but its va panel instead ips. Ips has the best color accuracy so i recommend this.
  11. Just bought a rx 5700xt and while i was looking for a driver to install i saw 3 options one is Pro Software for Enterprise which is for creators and im not a creator so im left with 2 options Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.5.1 Optional and Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.4.2 Recommended (WHQL), 20.5.1 is more up to date but 20.4.2 says recommended im kinda confused which one i should download?
  12. thanks everyone for their replies some of you said if you are targeting 60 fps i actually target 120 or so but i do not play that much modern games exept i am looking forward to play cyberpunk other than that i play r6 , destiny 2 or so, i get 60 fps with my 970 at medium on these games will rx 5700xt help me get 120 on high settings?