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  1. Yes I'll do just that, I'll post it later, out rn. Thanks for the help!
  2. Finally. Thanks for the conformation! Will get a refund and change brands.
  3. Both, It freaks me out every time it happens and I'm very concerned about the damage to my PC, I've previous lost a lot of time to waiting on a RMA for the PSU and cant afford to lose more on this. Hence I need to be sure. My RMA provider would be giving me a Refund, most probably.
  4. Besides, it wasn't happening for a month, and just started Y'day.
  5. I've done the test outside too, held it on my hand, still vibrates and makes the noise, and I'm pretty sure my case has the pads
  6. Hey, thank you for the reply, this one is the MWE 750 watt, I've had the same issue with MWE 650 80+ Gold and Bronze.
  7. It's the weird sound at 0:03 seconds, does that sound like a normal PSU to you? That noise comes from the PSU which vibrates too.
  8. Hi there! As the title says I'm on my third RMA, I own a cooler master PSU, On every startup. it makes this grunting noise of sorts ( will attach an audio clip) and vibrates too. It now also happens, occasionally on normal operation. I desperately want to know if this is normal and safe, I'm sick of this. Please check out the link, it happens after I press to start button, at around 0:03 seconds. Thank you! PSU noise Link to soundcoud
  9. Intresting stuff, know of any guide to the best options?
  10. Yeah will certainly consider Corsair, Silverstone ( Again rare and expensive )
  11. Boy would I love to go with seasonic, sadly they don'r have much of a presence here in India.
  12. As the title says. A few days ago my PC crashed and didn't post. After a little Troubleshooting I figured one of my Ram Sticks was bad. PC booted perfectly fine, I used it for about 2 days until I decided to play some GTA, and it crashed again. It kept on crashing on almost every game (CS : GO ffs) So I ran a stress test on the GPU...worked fine, CPU stress test ran fine and so did the memory test which again ran fine. Then I ran the GPU and CPU test together, and done Crashed again. Something of Note is that when it crashes it doesn't reboot, there is no BSOD, it just blacks out and crashes, and interestingly the Power button has its back-light on but absolutely doesn't work, I HAVE to switch the PSU off and then on to boot the PC again. I'm petrified of switching it on now that I suspect the PSU. I need your help to confirm that it is definitively figure out whats wrong and if it actually is the PSU. This PC is very very important to me and my work, if it turns out to be the PSU I'll be buying a new one, the current one I'm using is an RMA upgrade I got from CoolerMaster( sick of this shit) Replaced the first one for sort of grunting noises in the beginning the replacement came with the same problem but I didn't have the time to get it changed then. Specs 2600X Zotac 1070ti AMP Extreme 8GB RAM Gigabyte X470 Ultra Gaming CoolerMaster MWE 750 Modular 80 plus Gold Any and all help is very very appreciated, thank you!