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  1. Ok I'm also getting black screens so I'm just going to RMA it and get an rtx 2060 instead. Thanks everyone for your help
  2. So I removed the fans and had a look and it's clean. The noise is still happening after reconnecting the fans. I did notice that the shroud on the graphics card (not the heatsink or board) would move slightly if i pushed but all the screws I could see were tight. MSI Afterburner doesn't seem to do anything. HardwareInfo64 also gets the fan speeds wrong - it sometimes says that they're spinning when they're not.
  3. I think this is normal. The bios only displays on one monitor.
  4. Hello, I initially built my system a couple of months ago and 2 days ago I upgraded the graphics card to a sapphire pulse rx 5600 xt and added a hard drive. Since the upgrade a strange sound comes from the direction of the gpu when the fans ramp up: This was recorded while running Unigine Heaven but it happens when the gpu is under load in games too. Specs can be found here: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/qzwGTC (the extra fans haven't arrived yet) I'm running the latest radeon drivers, windows 10 64 bit. MSI Dragon Center says that the bios version is 2.50 The noise still happens if i hold the fans to stop them from spinning. I've tried removing the graphics card and putting it back in, and same with the pcie power cable. I've tried spinning the fans manually and the noise doesn't occur. Can anyone help?