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  1. My PC Ethernet always go in "Network No Internet" after a couple of minutes, Restarting my router or unplugging the wired ethernet (Im using wired) will fixed and then it goes back again. My other devices works I already tried Buying another modem and wire ethernet Resetting TCP/IP using CMD Updating Network drivers and Reinstalling it Resetting the Network connection. No one is blocking my internet or whatsoever I tried using the phone with a usb charger on usb tethering and after a couple of minutes the network is "No internet" again. Anyway to fix it ?
  2. I have been encountering slow internet to my PC with 0.10 kbps but my other device has like 10 mpbs, Restarting my internet does fix it BUT after 30 minutes it will slow down again.
  3. Not really a good picture but here it is https://imgur.com/a/VIuQ5El
  4. Any Fixes, My monitor has short white lines that is going upwards, Its kinda annoying.