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  1. Hello everyone new to this forum!!!! I know it is late, but I am looking at updating my computer from water cooling to Air cooling. I know from several videos that All in Ones are essentially as effective as high end High Coolers. While I do have a custom loop in my current build it isn't worth much more than an All in One due to its size. So I was thinking of Air Cooling just for some simpler maintenance and that I do not overclock. Just curious on your thoughts to help me on my decision. Just so you know some of my specs where the water cooling counts. CPU:: AMD Thread Ripper 1920x Case: Phanteks Enthoo Elite 360 rad from EKB While I have a plan to upgrade to a newer Thread Ripper when Zen 3 launches, or what Intel can manage at a similar level at the time. I have also been looking at the Phanteks 702 as it looks it would make some water cooling maintenance easier. That said if I go with Air Cooling I would rather have case we better front air intake which I wouldn't mind suggestions on if you think I should go Air Cooling. I'd have to do some research there as well.