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  1. Thank you this has been my first pc build so I got a little nervous when I turned it on this evening and got the error
  2. Hi my pc that I build a few weeks ago just got blue screen with the error message CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED, followed by a reboot is this something I should be worried about, I rebooted the pc and didn't get the error again, I also did a virus scan that found no threats.
  3. Thanks for the reply, last time I had a desktop pc was 12 years ago and that was a prebuid pc so all of this with temperatures are kind of new to me
  4. So I build my first pc this weekend and I just have a question about the temperatures I'm seeing from my cpu. When I'm not using my computer and it is just standing on the desktop with nothing open the temperature will sit between 36 degrees and 47 degrees Celsius, occasionally jumping to the mid 50's or higher, and it is the same if I'm just surfing the internet with a couple of other programs open like discord, file explorer. I haven't really tested the temperatures in games other than fired up skyrim special edition and played till the point where you customize your character and it seemed to stay stable in that time with the occasionally spikes to the mid 60's. So my question is, does that sound like some reasonable temperatures or do they seem high? the cpu I'm using is a ryzen 5 3600, with a cooler master hyper 212 cpu cooler.
  5. So I just build my first pc, and now it is the day after and I have just noticed what might be a problem. The problem is that if I just turn of my pc or put it in sleep mode then when I go to turn it on, everything inside the case seems to work fine, all lights and fans turn on etc. but my screen doesn't get a signal and I don't think my keyboard or mouse get any power either since the backlight of the keyboard doesn't turn on, and the LED on the mouse oesn't turn on either. To fix it I have to turn the pc off again and then turn the power supply off and the on on the back of the pc and then when I turn it on the screen keyboard and mouse will work. Has anybody experienced anything similar or does anybody have an idea of what might be causing it.
  6. Thank you, the price difference is only 5$ and the 550W unit doesn't seem to be in stock at the moment so I might just go with the 650
  7. Hi I’m building my first pc and I could use some input on the power supply’s I’m considering buying, the hardware I’m getting is: Asus rog strix b450-f gaming motherboard Ryzen 5 3600 Corsair vengeance rgb 2x8gb gigabyte Rtx 2060 super gaming oc cooler Master 212 rgb cpu cooler Meshify s2 by fractal design 1 tb m.2 ssd I’m considering buying either the Corsair tx550m power supply or the Corsair tx650m power supply but I could use some input on what you guys think would be the better option or maybe some other power supply that might be better.
  8. Is the noise from the cpu cooler that comes with the cpu the only problem, or will it also cause some performance problems, I'm just asking since a lot of people seem to say that as long as you are not planning on overclocking(which I'm not) it should be decent enough.
  9. Thank you for your help I don't really have much experience with gaming pcs since I haven't been serious about gaming for about 12 years, which is kind of weird since I work as a game developer but that's also what has motivated me to get into gaming again which I'm pretty excited for
  10. The specs I'm getting is: - ryzen 5 3600 or 3600x I haven't quite settled on that since I'm planning on using the stock cooler, and people seem to be divided on if the cooler that comes with the 3600 is decent enough or not - msi b450 tomahawk max - corsair vengeance RGB LED 3200mhz 2x8GB - western Digital blue 1TB m.2-2280 - Gigabyte RTX 2060 super - Corsair TXM Gold 550 w
  11. Hi I'm building my first pc and I bought The fractal meshify s2 case, but I was wondering if I should buy some other fans or if the ones that comes with the case is enough? the case comes with three 140 mm fans