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  1. I disableD my RAM Rgb using asrock polychrome rgb but when i want to turn it on again, the software can no longer detect it. And my MOBO's RGB still ON after shutdown. Help.
  2. Thank you mate. I'll accept the sad truth.
  3. Thank you budd, i will read more about computers ao i dont depend on the salesman to build mine. ..... With a tight budget, i decided to pick a cheaper monitor to get a better GPU. But i guess the cheaper monitor holds my gpu's performance.
  4. thank you.. Iam just curious about what my computer can do. Its my 1st time using a computer thats not integrated gpu. Sorry for my dumb questions. Peace
  5. 75hz NVISION IP24V1 PALIT 1660 SUPER GAMING PRO OC 6gb This is my gpu and monitor.
  6. Im playing dota 2 right now. The in-game fps display only show 75fps at max settings Is this the maximum since i only got 75hz monitor. Thank you
  7. Thank you very much, I guess i'll pick with rx 570, because it's cheaper than 1650 super. Still im trying to cut some corners for me to buy gtx 1660 super. Planning to play COD:MW, APEX LEGEND, GTA V, CSGO, VALORANT.
  8. Rx 570 also have 4gb VRAM, Why it is stronger than msi gtx 1050ti. Im really sorry. My 1st time getting pc. Thank you.
  9. Is VRAM of my GPU makes it weak? Rx 570 is also 4gb ram o i choose rx 570 with 8gb ram?
  10. 1st time builder(Philippines) *limited store stocks and limited budget* Can my rig handle AAA games at 60fps, 1080p? Any bottlenecking issue in here?? -Ryzen 5 2600 -MSI B450M MORTAR MAX AMD AM4 -16GB TEAM FORCE DELTA, 2 x 8GB, DDR4 3200 Mhz -512GB SSD 2.5" AITC SQ200 SATA -MSI GTX 1050 TI 4Gb OCV1 -Cooler Master MWE WHITE 500 -TECWARE VEGA M ORBIS F1 (WITH FAN) -HKC 24" 144HZ 1080P FREESYNC CURVED R1800 GAMING MONITOR HKC-M24G3F Thank you.