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  1. I'm really on edge about building a PC, I always hear stuff about static shocks & Missing cables. Any advice would be appreciated
  2. Howdy, in the Windows setup, would I choose the SSD as the device to install Windows? Or would I choose the 2Tb HDD
  3. I'm not sure if the difference is crucial, but I want the better experience. My PC will be used for gaming & running VM's / Making and Running scripts. Does Wifi5 or Wifi6 change anything?
  4. @Ed-petit How many more months? I get my PC in November
  5. What about 1 2tb HDD? Instead of 2 SSD's? https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/6hTcn7
  6. Hey all! I am a student studying Cybersecurity in the United Kingdom & is venturing to the world of custom PC's. I have always used pre-builds and never done this before. I have browsed through PCPartPicker but I always find incompatible parts. Could someone help me design a PC? Things I know I want: Ryzen 9 (12 Core) RTX 2080 Super 16gb Ram Budget of ~£1800 Have fun!