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    pc hardware, ios, gaming, skateboarding, lo-fi music, and other things a normal person likes :3
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    An average high school nerd who's fallen into the rabbit-hole of pc’s
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    Probably trying to fix my laptop temps

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  1. I just want to fit the best card I can into my budget, so the 2070s is good for me. I hope to upgrade to 1440p in the future so I can actually leverage the power of the 2070, I’m leaving a lot of performance on the table if I don’t :3
  2. I don’t play the hardest games to run either. Overwatch, Minecraft, GTA, Slime Rancher, and stuff like that. But if I get either GPU, I might start playing some AAA titles.
  3. pixxel

    Noctua u12s

    I didn’t know that, I guess I skipped over it in the description!
  4. If ray tracing becomes a thing, I'd like to experience that. Also Nvec encoding is rlly nice to have for me :3
  5. I'll do that, and I'll upgrade to 1440p in the future, so the 2070s will be better for that as well :3
  6. my friend says that he has a few extra monitors, I might be able to snag one of those :3
  7. Ok, I was most worried. By the bottleneck , I’ll go 2070s :3
  8. I will be building a pc soon with a ryzen 5 3600 and either a 2070s or a 2060s. I need to buy a monitor as well and my budget is around $1500. I know that I could fit a 2070s and a 1080p 144hz monitor in $1500. But if I go for the 2060s I could fit a 1080p 144hz monitor and a secondary 60hz monitor. I’m wondering what is better (this is my first build). Will I bottleneck with the 3600+2070s? I know the 2070s is overkill for 1080p but I also want to futureproof my rig as much as possible. Is it worth the drop in performance for 2 monitors and a more balanced system. I know the 2060s is less powerful, but it’s also less future proof. 2 monitors is extremely useful, but is there enough of a difference going from the 2060s to the 2070s in terms of raw performance and future proofing to warrant the extra price and the lack of a 2nd display. Thanks in advance for your responses :3
  9. I live in the us and have steady talked to support, no luck
  10. I'll try $1700, my goal is to get $1500 out of it and I think I can with that price.
  11. I'd love to go for the MSI B450 Tomahawk Max but its out of stock everywhere .__. is there a board that has wifi by any chance. Getting Ethernet into my room is difficult.
  12. Not a bad idea. Having someone test out the laptop before they buy it is also nice
  13. I'll make sure the $1500 limit is established, and I'll look onto Dell's website and see if I can sell with warranty. If I can, I might be able to push the starting price up to $1650-$1700 :3
  14. The warranty thing is iffy. I still have the warranty documentation, but idk what that will do. Would a starting price of $1600 make more sense then? I want to leave a bit of bargaining room so the buyer doesn't feel trapped :3