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  1. But thanks for the help guys!
  2. Oh my God I'm so dumb, my VPN internet kill switch was on the whole fucking time my bad guys I don't know what was wrong with me
  3. I'm just connected to my gateway over wifi
  4. Here is the ipconfig results and I also tried matching the ip4 on my desktop with my iPad and nothing happened
  5. Huh? Then how am I able to use wifi on my phone and tablet? How do I turn the gateway on for my desktop?
  6. I got this result. So what do I do
  7. If my PC can ping my router, what else could it be?
  8. Turning off windows defender doesn't seem to turn the wifi back on.
  9. How can I fix my firewall problem?
  10. So I got this new wifi gateway a day ago and all of my devices seem to work well with it except for my PC. It's connected to the router but it has no internet access and when I run the network diagnostics I get the image you see below. How do resolve my issue?
  11. Ah okay, yeah I'll look into a better PSU along with the GPU upgrade. But my current build isn't at risk with my PSU right? I mean my RX 570 and I5 is fairly low power
  12. If anything I would get a CPU upgrade along a GPU rather than upgrade the PSU but I'm on a budget and I thing a 1660 will suffice