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    Asus Sage 10G
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    Vega 64 LC
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    Haf X
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  1. check here before you upgrade... https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Z170-P/HelpDesk_CPU/ Core i7-7700K is the best you can run, which is not a bad CPU
  2. might be a loose cable hook up a laptop to the monitors to check them after that mobo and/or cpu swap
  3. looks good (maybe get a cheap SSD in stead of HDD; less prone to failure, less noisy, cooler) GO!
  4. did it work before? what CPU? if there's an internal graphics part in the CPU, the CPU itself might be dead
  5. Idea; get a 3 to 5 mm thick aluminum plate, about 50cm length, 20cm wide, bend the long side, 5cm; 90 degrees costs very little and will hold the monitor clamp/stand a lot better
  6. Hi Hatchet, please have a look at the topic I just posted, more or less same question "Best OS software to run a multifunctional media/fileserver PC?"
  7. ah?! never heard of that, looks interesting, will look into that, thanks!
  8. hmmm... with these stranges freezes happening; something interesting to check maybe; 350W PSU is not that much; measure the 12V & 5V voltages when the PC is under load. First in BIOS than with multimeter (easy to check on molex connector for HDD)
  9. PS Aegis is a kind of low cost memory and usually not keen on overclocking. Try and up the memory voltage a bit. A little bit...!
  10. Got a second hand Coolermaster HAF X for $100 with LOTS of space, that serves me well. But like narrdarr said; too little info on what you have in mind; RGB? and so on
  11. Hi readers, What would be the best OS software to run a multifunctional media/fileserver PC? Files to manage? Photo's, music and movies. I want to be able to use/switch to Win 10 if possible (i can put W10 on a seperate disk and boot from there, if need be). Maybe use Plex for media streaming? The hardware gives you some idea to start; Mobo= Asus Sage 10GB/s lan with 7x PCIe x16 slots CPU= Intel 7900X watercooled SSD= 1TB NVME boot disk Video= AMD Vega 64 watercooled PSU= EVGA 1600 Watt CASE= Coolermaster HAF-X 2 dedicated Raid cards Adaptec 81605ZQ + 72405 DRIVES= 16x 4TB WD FYYS 8x 1TB WD1000DHTZ 8x 500GB SSD PS a lot of the above was purchased at bottom price after the cryptocurrency mining end. Yeeej! But my main question; should I install; Linux (Mint) Unraid FreeNAS ... ? Thanks in advance!