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  1. thanks for reply after gowing through event viewer and alot of logs. I have a stable system. and re assembled a few parts. working good.
  2. i have a windows 10 on Ryzen 1600 MSI B350 tomahawk Msi gtx 1060 OC 6gb recently.... I performed updates on the system including windows 10 2004 update. I started to have random restart. System turns off as if power is cut off and then it will start again. suspecting of power supply failure i stress tested my GPU using uni-gen valley. Under Linux(it's dual boot). For over an hour it ran fine. Any ideas where i can start checking trouvbleshooting
  3. there are two links. which one are better?
  4. I read the articles almost 90% if not over are same. Also i am not sure which mouse buttons are those. I shared the link. Although they say omron but not sure.
  5. I have marvo m315. It;s about 3yr old now and started missing mouse clicks. I am thinking of replacing the buttons but not sure if the ones i am getting are compatible or not. these are the ones i am getting And i have huano mouse switches. https://www.sunrom.com/p/replacement-switch-for-mouse https://www.indiamart.com/proddetail/micro-switch-microswitch-for-omron-21339749962.html
  6. i have purchased entire front panel for $ 2 from corsair vendor. in that context its' way overpriced and it's DIY solution gonna cost less than 1$ cost is context based. in my context it's overpriced. Any ways thanks for answering, I am connected with deep cool and they didn't say it should not work. So i am seeing that option too.
  7. thanks for checking site. But it's cheaply made and expensive. It should cost somewhat around .. 50-100 Rs only. i guess i have to do this only.
  8. Making one yourself is also possible. I may have the components as well. or salvage old products for it. 3-5 is still expensive at my place it's like 1$ worth i may go to $2 for best quality.
  9. I am not far fetched but amazon.in flipkart.com these products can be purchased for 50-100 bucks at local shop. that's my limit for them.
  10. i am aware of this but at my place this is not readily available. with corona i am not sure when i can get this. lastly amazon sells these things 3x the price.
  11. can you elaborate. I am noob to audiophile world.
  12. Hi, I have MSI tomahawk b350 paired with ryzen 1600 in Deepcool matrexx 55 case. I am unable to use the speaker and mic of my headphone using a single jack. I am able to do this on my laptop. They both work individually but not together i.e. I get audio out from speaker jack and mic with mic jack.
  13. check now... i would get a 32" lg ultragear looks good buy now
  14. i am aware but budget and most monitor are 1080p only. not getting any good option for 1440p
  15. Hi, Finally i have managed to save to buy a cool monitor. But i am yet to find which one. That's where i need your help. MOST IMP thing FIRST BUDGET : ~30K INR at MOST My current config GTX 1060 6Gb RYZEN 1600 8 Gig Ram Kingston 480 GB SSD(cheap one, I know i was out of budget) My choice is here panel IPS size 27 inches or more refresh rate 120+ response time 5 or less color gamet srgb 90+ choice of website is https://www.amazon.in/ and https://www.flipkart.com/ or https://www.theitdepot.com/ Here are my choice.- Let me know if they are good or there is any problem with them Product price refresh rate resolution response time size brigtness panel type comment link Acer KG271C 27inch 144Hz 16015 144 1920 x 1080 1ms 27 400 TN https://www.theitdepot.com/details-Acer+KG271C+27inch+144Hz+Gaming+Monitor+(UM.HX1SI.C01)_C9P32214.html Acer Aopen 27HC1R 27inch 144Hz Curve 17225 144 1920x1080 4ms 27 250 VA https://www.theitdepot.com/details-Acer+Aopen+27HC1R+27inch+144Hz+Curve+Gaming+Monitor+(UM.HW1SI.P01)_C9P32192.html MSI Optix MAG271C 23000 144 1920 x 1080 1ms 27 300 VA DCI: 90% https://www.theitdepot.com/details-MSI+Optix+MAG271C+27inch+Curved+144Hz+1ms+Gaming+Monitor_C9P32050.html Samsung LC24RG50FQWXXL 15000 240 1920 x 1080 1ms 24 250 VA https://www.amazon.in/Samsung-24-inch-54-78cm-Monitor-LC24RG50FQWXXL/dp/B07TVDMX1G?pf_rd_r=71AD5CYB2A54X38AMRXK&pf_rd_p=58e4804a-06ea-4d22-bac5-27c37b178c84&pd_rd_r=9fbc8717-5e93-4d9a-9171-0ee65d566bb1&pd_rd_w=VsDxR&pd_rd_wg=LYVRo&ref_=pd_gw_cr_wsim Acer Aopen 32HC1Q 31.5inch 26000 144 2560x1440 4ms 32 250 VA 99srgb https://www.theitdepot.com/details-Acer+Aopen+32HC1Q+31.5inch+144Hz+Curve+Gaming+Monitor+(UM.JW1SI.P01)_C9P32193.html LG Ultragear 32GK650F-B 25000 144 2560x1440 1ms 32 350 VA NTSC 72%/100%srgb https://www.amazon.in/LG-Ultragear-Gaming-Monitor-Freesync/dp/B07FLGR2PN/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=1440p%2B144hz%2Bmonitor%2B27%2Binch&qid=1593202461&s=computers&sr=1-6&th=1 i AM LIKING MY OPTIONS WITH lg ultragear AND ACER aopen 32 let me know what you think let me know if these choices are good or anything hidden about them. like in ACER VG270U- there is problem 144hz refresh rate and response time are clashing. Both can not be activated same time.