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  1. I’d like to overclock my system with a water cooled GPU and air cooled CPU. It’s a gaming rig. I know there are some really good air coolers for the CPU made by companies like Noctua and I was just wondering what is the best air cooler I can cram into my NZXT H500? https://nox.tips/ https://xender.vip https://testmyspeed.onl
  2. My graphics card won't work with my motherboard. When it is plugged in I get no image on monitor and can only boot from integrated graphics. I have tried 2 other graphics card onto the motherboard and both were recognized. Also, my graphics card worked on 2 other PCs perfectly. When I boot into the windows I cannot find my graphics card in device manager, can only find it in hidden with code 45. The graphics card also only works on DVI-d to vga adapater which I don't currently have. I have sent my graphics card over to my friends and he has tried it with Dvi-d adapter and it is working. My question is If I buy the Dvi-D adapter will the graphics card work on my PC even though it is not recognized in the device manager. All of the fans are spinning and I have tried : Updating bios, reseating graphics card, reseting CMOS, reinstalling windows, updating windows to the latest version (Windows 10), card was cleaned by a professional and disabling the onboard graphics. Also worth mentioning that the graphics card was sent for warranty and have worked 2 years prior. My specs: Amd Fx 8300 Nvidia geforce gtx 1050 Asus M5A78L-M LX3usps tracking showbox speed test