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  1. Im thinking about getting a corsair. But theres this deepcool brand which is significantly cheaper that corsair
  2. Can you recommend me a budget friendly psu?
  3. Thanks man. Ill wait for the master luke to decide
  4. Why do i need to powerlimit my gpu? Does my psu cant handle the consumption? I mean 500w is enough
  5. I tried getting rid of the xmp. Same problem. How do I do power limiting on gpu? Sorry noob here.
  6. Im running a MSI Armor RX 570 4gb. The reason for undervolting is bc whenever I play games or run gpu benchmarks, my system crashes. Pls teach me how to undervolt. Watching youtube videos are confusing as they can be. Sorry im a newbie. My rig: Ryzen 5 3600 Rx 570 Corsair lpx vengeance 1x8gb 3200mhz Aerocool psu 500w Tuf b450m gaming plus motgerboard **nothing is overclocked except RAM Windows 10 pro. HELP PLSSS. I can play witcher 3 and valorant for like 3hours and then it will crash randomly. When I try to turn it back on. Pc will just turn on, then immediately off, then on again, then off until it boots up. Do i have a gpu or psu problem. I need to know before spending money. Additional info abt this post. (My older post with video and pictures) please i really need your help:
  7. Okay. But please explain my why it is not the gpu. Thank you for your patience
  8. The event viewer said this: Source: kernel power Event ID: 41 Task category: (63) Also said that this happened bc of unexpected system reboot or shutdown, which is true.