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  1. I've also noticed an intermittent very faint electrical hum from my new build. I've checked my fan and HDD mounts, and everything is secure, and it doesn't sound at all like coil whine. Seemed fine last week while using it for work, but it's so faint I could've easily missed it too. It only started to become apparent when I was working with heavy .exr files this week, which led me to believe it's the HDD mount, but again the noise is so faint I can't pinpoint where the sound is coming from when I take the panels off. As long as it's not damaging for the PC, I can get used to the sound.
  2. Recently encountered a failing psu on my new build last week (event 41s all over the place) replaced the PSU and all seems well. I did notice however a final event 41 on the day I installed the new psu, but my friend (who benchmarked while I had to go out), claims my pc was fine throughout. Does windows log the time of an 'event 41' at the exact point the power is cut off, or does it catch up once the pc is next rebooted successfully? (We hadn't rebooted the pc since the old PSU failure the night before) If it's just a 'windows catching up' thing, then I shouldn't need to investigate further.
  3. I get that from friends on their first builds that go perfectly, I'm the only one that seems to get doa/faulty parts everytime. Yet I'm the one with the anti-static bracelet, clean wall power, and a wooden table to build on. That's an impressive oc claim though!
  4. Oh wow, that's good you were able to RMA though! Thankfully with the lockdown, the store I bought the faulty psu from extended their returns window, so I was able to send it back no problem. One day I'll re enable PBO on my Ryzen chip once I know everything is stable, as that's a lot of performance I'm losing just there.
  5. Hah, dramatic tendencies of a 9yo, pretty much sums me up! Ta though, I do believe XMP is disabled but I'll double check that. The msi bios had PBO enabled by default (even though it's usually disabled), so there could be all-sorts that I've overlooked in there!
  6. Hey, I recently completed my first major system build (I've built low-end machines in the past), and I was experiencing complete system shutdowns after only 15-20 mins of heavy GPU load (more specifically, Star Wars Battlefront 2 in 4K ultra). After borrowing my friends pc parts we determined that the PSU was faulty under full load and I drove across the UK to buy a replacement. However, even though we ran every benchmark under the sun with the new psu (some simultaneously), and the pc passing them all with more than acceptable results and zero shutdowns, I'm still getting stupid panic attacks everytime I think about playing a game on it or doing my VFX work. (I have asperges which probably isn't helping) I was wondering , for the people who have more experience, if at any point you got disheartened by your first failing part, or nervous to push a build to it's fullest, even though you knew it was most likely safe to do so? Or equally helpful, any tips or advice on how to help overcome these stupid fears? I don't want a 1.5K paperweight!