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  1. Thanks for all the great feedback so far! Really appreciate you guys for taking your time to help me out. I just ordered a multi-meter as i did not have one in hand. So will be able to test that. Regarding noises, smelles etc my buddy said he didn't register a thing. He couldn't get a post one day and it has been dead ever since. Can't find any of that very familiar electric smoke smell anywhere, so i would be surprised if anything has burned. I can't say for sure though. All capacitors and VRMs seems fine aswell. He did suggest a loose capacitor but they no soldering has broken as far as i can tell. My little experience in electrical engineering has taught me that they would show some sign of having burned if they for whatever reason broke. PCB looks fine all along the board. Tried tracing most lines out from the cpu socket. I honestly can't pinpoint the exact pins anymore as they are quite straight now all of them.The ones i found were mostly located around the area where the PCB leads over to the RAM slots. This is the best i can do, though i do remember the ones in the small circle was bent
  2. All parts are mine and verified that they all work before using them here. Thanks man! Did run through that one before posting here. Tried with ram and cpu only, no response. Have disassembled everything to check for any wrong connections, metals touching or likewise. Nothing though. At the moment i suspect a dead motherboard as the cpu does not change temp at all. Tried quickly firing it with no cooler to see if the cpu would heat up. No change though. So i assume that the connection is dead there. Not gonna try if it's overly complicated to fix, was just hoping to revive a board that hasn't been used much
  3. cmos clear has been tried aswell as taking out the battery for some minutes. Added a gtx 1070 to it aswell to run a full setup. Specs on the setup now: Msi z270 gaming pro I5-7500 2x8gb DDR4 2666 gtx 1070 founders edition Corsair CX750m
  4. Msi z270 gaming pro I5-7500 atm just trying with 8gb DDR4 2666 Removed all other components until i figure the cpu thing
  5. Hi, I got an old MSI Z270 gaming pro from a buddy. It's been dead for a while, the CPU debug led is on and there seems to be no connection to the cpu. It's as cold as when it was mounted even after the system has been on for some time. I can't get a boot or a picture (Which makes sense considering the cpu...) I found 3 bend pins when i recieved which i have tried to straighten. Spend a lot of time to perfect them and i see no flaws on any pins now. But i still can't get a boot and the debug LED is still on. Only booting with necessary components but still no luck. It's an old board so RMA is not an option. It's not crucial for me to fix it, but i find it a fun challenge. Because of that i am reaching out in here, hoping that you guys might be able to help me with any possible fixes!
  6. Kind of super embarrassed to admit that it was indeed the reason! Honestly had no idea that this was a thing. Thanks for your help, much appreciated!
  7. Oh lord - I did buy some custom cables, using that for the CPU. Will cry a mix of tears of joy and sadness if this is indeed the case. Will try it out!
  8. Hi, I just finished assembled my much anticipated ITX setup - Just to find out that the build will not start. Tried a bunch of trouble shooting, and i will try to explain as well as possible: First thing i did after assembling was to unplug the +/- power switch connectors. Tried booting with a screwdriver to connect pins, but all the PSU did was make a couple of click sounds. Then i used the paperclip method to check the PSU. Fan started spinning just fine. Reconnected everything and checked every single connection to check for errors - Everything is well connected, so i didn't do more here Removed all unnecessary components to check for a possible defect component. No success. Then i tried switching the power supply to another one, which would give me a boot. Tried taking everything apart and reassemble in case something was shorting due to something touching. No luck. Tried putting the PSU in a different computer. Motherboard lights up to indicate power, but still will not turn on. Same 3 click sounds. This is where i am right now. I am quite sure the PSU is dead. Bought it second hand as new a long time ago, so RMA is not an option sadly. My question is: Is it worth trying to fix it, or do i write this one off? Maybe someone encountered something similar and knows exactly what is causing it. It's a silverstone SX 500-LG SFF PSU I do have a video of the sound, but i am unsure if linking that will violate forum rules. I am new here :-)