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  1. Donballer

    1070 sc

    is the 1070 superclocked overclockable? and if so what are the recommended settings? also i have a i7 9700k with z390-e what are the recommended settings for overclocking that as well?
  2. Guys I have a 1070 sc acc 3.0 is the card able to be overclocked what are settings I should use for it
  3. is the 1070 sc acx 3.0 overclockable and if so what settings should i use? 

  4. I fixed it lol now only thing that’s left is nvidia control panel not displaying settings
  5. I’ve tried that 10 times doesn’t work for me
  6. Downloaded Realtek audio and nothing on my sound is happening
  7. Did you need the audio driver name sorry if so it’s “digital audio S/pdif) (high definition audio device)
  8. This message is very meaningful to me I appreciate all of you guys that answered my ridiculous questions. building a pc has taught me that there’s no luck in life only educated precision. my first build might not look the best cable wise but In the future this will remind me How far Ive come! I’m pretty sure that nvidia panel will be popping up any second now that’s just how it is. It disappears randomly and comes back. so I can download Realtek drivers and would that most likely fix my audio problem? and I’ll be adding my specs. thanks all for helping me!
  9. No luck I’ve tried this twice will try once more to test my luck
  10. Oh also there’s no audio I’m using audio directly from my monitor connected via headphones I updated all drivers btw
  11. Everything with drivers and gpu is fine but for some reason when I open up nvidia control panel the display settings aren’t there I also am on a inactivated windows that shouldn’t matter I believe cuz my homie runs control panel he says
  12. Can You maybe mark it for me where I need to put the power sw at? so if I didn’t plug the power sw could that be why my fans were not spinning?
  13. That piece in the corner is the only thing lights up And works none of my fans spin what could I have done?