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  1. Hello everyone I am having trouble deciding on which monitor to use as my main monitor. I don't really understand displays that well so I was hoping someone here can help me out. So I currently use a LG 24MP60VQ 24' 1080P (https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-24MP60VQ-P-led-monitor) as my main monitor, and it has served me very well and seems like a overall good monitor. However, I just got an older Dell U2711 Ultrasharp 2560x1440 (https://www.dell.com/ae/business/p/dell-u2711/pd) for free from a friend. I plugged in the Dell using HDMI and the quality seemed pretty bad compared to my LG, but I just assumed it was because the HDMI doesn't support the 2560x1440 on the Dell so I ordered a display port cable instead to hook that up to the dell so I can see how good it really is. So my question is, is the Dell monitor even better? Like based on looking at the specs, is one monitor better than the other? I just want to know so I don't get my hopes up before the cable comes lol.
  2. Thank you to everyone who helped me. This forum has been so kind to help me throughout my entire build. Thank you all so much !!
  3. Okay that makes sense. I thought that was the case but I couldn't find anything for sure online. Thank you
  4. I forgot to add the pictures when I first made the post sorry lmfao. But based on what you guys are all saying about the 6+2 connector, and by the picture I have with it plugged in, it's plugged in correctly right? Sorry I am a noob and just want to make sure
  5. Hey everyone so I am almost done with my build, I just need to make sure I plugged in my graphics card correctly then I can go for the first boot. I'm seeing a lot of different stuff online for the graphics cards and pins and it is really confusing me. My graphics card seems to only have an 8 pin connector but I'm reading that some have 2, and some can only be plugged in with 6 pins. I read the manual and got more confused lol. My psu cable is also a 6+2 pin cable If that changes anything. My graphics card is a Sapphire pulse 5600 xt, the dual display port and dual hdmi model. And I have a non modular power supply. I have attached some pictures and I will be very thankful if someone can tell me if I did this correctly thank you all
  6. Hello everyone I am almost done with my pc build but I am confused about the atx motherboard connector. So I bought a non modular power supply (which I deeply regret, was hard to find anything else at time) and I am trying to connect it to the motherboard but it is split into two pieces (shown in pictures). Every video I've seen so far the cable has been 1 piece so I am really confused. Do I just connect the left over 4 pin connector right next to the 20 pin connector on the slot, similar to how the CPU plug works? Here are some pictures demonstrating what I am confused about
  7. Hey y'all so I just started my new build and I accidentally dropped the stock 3600 cooler when I was reaching for it (fell like 2 inches) and some of thermal paste came off. I can't tell if I should I apply more or not (I bought some extra thermal paste) so of someone can help me out I will be very thankful
  8. Hey I just wanted to update everyone thanks for all your help. I canceled the gigabyte order and got the sapphire pulse model instead. I'm happy I did because it's the same price as the gigabyte model without the rebate, and who really has the time to wait for it to come back. I just have to wait an extra day but I think it will be well worth it, and now I have Amazon's return policy instead of Neweggs crappy policy, thank you all
  9. Hey ya'll everyone in this forum has been so kind in helping me with my build, so thank you and bless you all, I am finally ready to purchase my last part. I have already purchased two graphics cards and cancelled them, and cancelled a bunch of other stuff as well but I am finally almost done. So the Graphics card I want to buy is the 5600 XT. I originally purchased the gigabyte windforce model because it was the cheapest, but this forum convinced me to pruchase the Sapphire pulse model instead because it has way better thermals and stuff. But I am confused because the graphics card says PCIe 4,0, and I don't think my motherboard has PCIe 4,0, so now I am really confused and don't know what to do. So if someone could please advise if the card is compatible with my build (https://pcpartpicker.com/list/CBNdhg) my motherboard is the MSI b450 tomahawk max And also if anyone wants to give me any last second reccomendations, go ahead before I go crazy lmfao Parts list again: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/CBNdhg
  10. Ok y'all so you see the problem is I just bought the Gigabyte windforce model lol, should I try to cancel it and get a different card or nah, it's 259 after rebate. Also this would be about the 5th time during my build where I've canceled something and bought it again. Please advise. I could use the extra money for a wifi card or something.
  11. Thank you to everyone who responded I just pulled the trigger on the 5600 xt
  12. Ok everyone so I am about to finish my build (https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Kd8gMc) but I need to choose a graphics card. So I originally bought a 1660 super to go with then i saw there was a deal for the 5600 xt for 259.99 after $20 rebate on newegg. I really wanted to get the 5600 xt originally but I read about horrible issues with drivers and such and that steered me away, but when I saw that price it had me thinking. Should I go for the 1660 Super or the 5600 xt? And if I do go for the 5600 xt which is the most stable/best card to buy? These are the 5600 xt cards I was considering: https://www.newegg.com/gigabyte-radeon-rx-5600-xt-gv-r56xtwf2oc-6gd/p/N82E16814932246?Description=5600 xt&cm_re=5600_xt-_-14-932-246-_-Product (this one is the deal) https://www.newegg.com/gigabyte-radeon-rx-5600-xt-gv-r56xtgaming-oc-6g/p/N82E16814932244?Description=5600 xt&cm_re=5600_xt-_-14-932-244-_-Product https://www.newegg.com/asrock-radeon-rx-5600-xt-rx5600xt-cld-6go/p/N82E16814930030?Description=5600 xt&cm_re=5600_xt-_-14-930-030-_-Product https://www.newegg.com/asrock-radeon-rx-5600-xt-rx5600xt-pgd3-6go/p/N82E16814930028?Description=5600 xt&cm_re=5600_xt-_-14-930-028-_-Product PC Spec list again: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Kd8gMc
  13. Thank you for your detailed response. I was strongly thinking about the 5600xt but I couldn't figure out which brand card to buy, because I've heard alot about driver issues and didn't really want the headache. Is the gigabyte card you linked a good one? I am thinking about cancelling/returning the 1660s order. But Neweggs shitty return policy is holding me back. Please advise