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Peter Starzynski

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  • Birthday 1990-07-11

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    Elizabeth, New Jersey
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    Jesus, Hockey, Baseball, Football, Video Games, Tech. Anything else I should put?
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    My name is Peter. I am here to learn more about PC building, GPUs, CPUs, cooling, etc. I know my stuff when it comes to mobile technology such as phones and tablets. I do have a YouTube channel. Peter Starzynski Tech. Link is in the website section.


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    Intel Core i5
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    HP 86C9
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    12 Gb
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    256 GB of SSD
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    HP 15.6 Laptop

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  1. Telling someone to "F off" is not productive to the conversation. I personally didn't like it because it made no sense. I don't wish to argue in an unproductive way.
  2. I really liked the first part. Thank you. I try to be.
  3. The only thing I saw was Joel dying. But it had no sound.
  4. Heres why I'm not buying the game. Btw I enjoyed the first game. I thought that story was really good. It showed me the story of a broken man who 15 years later becomes a father again even when he is trying to fight it the whole time. I'm not a fan of TLOU2 storyline because it just went all over the place for me. I watched a stream and I felt like I got more of Abby's story rather than Ellie's story. Theres way too many flashbacks, while I think the story between Joel and Ellie is good, I just wish they could have told in a way that didn't require flashbacks. That would allow the player to grow an even deeper relationship with Joel, making is killing even more meaningful than it already was. Then instead of playing as Abby, you can hate her even more. Also I'm not a fan of sex scenes. The one with Abby and Owen made no sense to me. All of that said, this game was a beautiful game. The characters are looking more and more real as video games evolve. The scenes Naughty Dog makes are beautiful as usual. Its a masterpiece graphically.
  5. I kept my laptop boxes. I also, for some reason, still have my PS4 box. But the reason why I still have my HP laptop box is in case I need to call them for a repair or something.
  6. I just got a 15.6 inch HP computer. Runs an Intel Core i5, 12GB of DDR3 Ram, 256 GB of Solid State Storage. I use it for video editing, surfing the web, and social media. However, its not the best for gaming as I tried to play a demo version of Detroit: Become Human on this (For the record, I have the full game for PS4). All in all, I think its a really good laptop. Best one I have ever owned.
  7. This is the order confirmation page. Shipping method 2-5 days. Also I placed my order last Wednesday. What I'm most upset about is that I feel as though I'm being lied to. Now if it said somewhere on the webpage that there might be delays because of Covid then I would have accepted that.
  8. Actually two business days had already gone by when I posted. So when I say it's been a week, it's been a week from the time I ordered the shirts.
  9. I know that these things take a while, but when you tell me that I'm gonna have my order in 2-5 business days and a week goes by and nothing, that to me is kinda not good business. At least when I order something, tell me what is gonna happen, like is it gonna take a week to go through some sort of customs if I am in the US or anywhere else in the world? I'm in the US and according to the LTT merch website, it takes 2-5 business days for my item to be received if you live in the US or Canada. I just wish there was a bit more transparency.
  10. I never said it was. I emailed support. Got no response. Messaged some people here who supposedly run the merch store. Got no response. I know they are doing their best and that this is unprecedented times, but I'm just like "come on already."
  11. I know I posted about this already, but it's been a week since I have ordered two shirts from the LTT store and nothing has happened. My mail carrier here in the US says "pre-shipment label has been prepared for your itemp. Blaine, WA" and nothing has happened since. I know it's gotta go through customs, etc. But the LTT Store said it would take about 2-5 business days. But nothing has happened. I tried emailing them, got no response. I just want to know what's going on here.
  12. I ordered two LTT shirts last wednesday and i'm still waiting for the shirts to ship.
  13. My name is Peter Starzynski. I am new here. I have been a lover of tech for a while now. I have always loved mobile tech. But I really want to learn more about computer tech, how to build PCs, ect.