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  1. Thank you , il check out those motherboards! is there any benefit to using a SSD for boot and the HDD for storage? As far as I know they originally wanted the HDD because its easier to restore data if something went wrong ( even though its backed up daily)
  2. Thats really helpfull! I should probably change the thread just to get those kind of questions! The straight answer is I dont know, I can ask the tester tomorrow and find out but no I dont think it would be that high.
  3. I can check and get back to you, It is a company desktop that we would be sending to site, the idea being if i could create a build that worked in a similar way we could build them in house as opposed to buying them pre built , but i understand where your coming from
  4. To be honest not alot of the 1tb is actually used , its just a requirement that they insisted on from before I started there a year and a half ago. How would I figure out if I need a high performance IO?
  5. Thanks for the response!! Originally I had been looking at the Ryzen 5 apu for exactly that reason - the graphics card is not needed. When you say alot of SQL transactions, i would need a proper server , what do you mean ? in what regard?
  6. Hey! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly ! I really appreciate it ! I could use an SSD for boot and a HDD for overall storage possibly? Im unsure of what CPU usage the program uses but I can find out. Same can be said for multithreading - unsure but again I can find out from the head developer
  7. Budget (including currency): Euro €600 Country: Ireland Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Used for Pharmacy Dispensary Software and SQL server Other details Hi all, I work for a pharmaceutical software support company. I build and test the hardware that is sent to/back from site. The PCs we use are pretty much used for web browsing and the dispensary software and SQL server. I need help designing a PC build that will replace my company's current PC of choice. They are currently buying each i7 9700 k for the €1200 mark each. Included in this is a standard mouse and keyboard and a VGA cable. They only use HDD 1 tb as storage. I am trying to replicate the i7 9700k for as cheap as possible to make the company as financially viable as possible in the hopes I can build the PCs full time. I have been watching Linus Tech Tips and other PC build videos for awhile before I came up with the idea of replacing the PCs we use for a cheaper alternative that is cost effective but similar to the i7 9700k. I have been researching build components and the below is the list I have come up with, ASUS Prime B450M-A Micro ATX Motherboard, AMD Socket AM4, Ryzen 3000 Ready, PCIe 3.0, M.2, DDR4, LAN, HDMI, DVI-D, D-Sub, USB 3.1, Aura Sync RGB Header AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Processor (6C/12T, 35 MB Cache, 4.2 GHz Max Boost) ASUS GT710-SL-2GD5-BRK GeForce GT 710 2 GB DDR5 Low Profile Graphics Card for Silent HTPC Build (with I/O Port Brackets) Seagate HDD Internal 1 TB BarraCuda SATA 3.5 Computer Hard Disk Drive - Silver Ram - Unsure what I need PSU - Unsure of what I need Case - Eye catching Any help or suggestions would be amazing !!! Thank you in advance