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  1. Using a rose will arc 450. It ain’t a good psu but should power a gtx 970 just fine.
  2. So I have gtx 970 that requires a 8 + 6 pin but I only have a single 8 pin connector. So if I only plug the 8pin in and leave the 6 pin empty, would it still work and would it damage it in any way? I think theoretically it shouldn’t be a problem because the 970 only needs 150w while the 8 pin and pcie power should be able to do a combined 225w. I am not sure if this is correct and if it would work, so any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Yep just found that out, hopefully they will get a patch out soon
  4. Ok sounds good, thanks for all your help!
  5. Yeah I know it’s a risk to flash the bios, but is it ok to flash an older version of the bios or to flash the same version again?
  6. Ok I will try resetting my bios first, is it safe to revert or reflash my bios to the previous or same versions?
  7. Ok thanks for your time anyway, do you know if it’s possible for me to flash the same bios version again to try and fix the issue?
  8. No new hardware, only a bios update to agesa was the only change I’ve really made. I’m uncertain that a bios update would change my pcie nvme speed from x4 to x2 though
  9. Nope I checked it’s pcie 3.0 x2 which means my drive used to run at around 3400mb/s reads now runs at 1800mb/s reads. It is a bandwidth limitation for sure, I just don’t know how to change it back to its original x4
  10. So my wd sn750 500gb was running at pcie x4 3.0 when i first got it about 2 weeks ago, but now the drive is running at x2 in hwinfo. I couldnt really find any settings to change it to x4 manually in my bios (motherboad is B450m Steel legend btw) and the only change that i remember making was an update to agesa on my motherboard. I have no idea how to switch it back to x4 so any help is appreciated!
  11. i've tried a while ago tightening them to 16-19-19-39 but it wasnt very stable, also difference was minimal as you said so i just went back to my default cas latency. the issue is that anything 3600mhz and over nets negative cinebench performance which just makes no sense to me.
  12. i already tried the default xmp (3600mhz, 1.35v, cl18) with manual 1800 fclk and there is no difference at all. i do prefer to first get this ram issue solved first before i do any pbo or xfr though (im also not too familier with pbo and xfr but ill learn more about those some other time).
  13. without any changes to my defualt xmp overclock(3600mhz, 1.35v, cl18) my results are around 3350 points consistently but just simply changing my ram speed to from 3600 to 3533mhz (samevoltage and cas latency) gets my 3500+ consistently. the problem is that it consistently performs worse when my ram speed 3600 or faster now, which makes no sense(still better than before bios update as anything 3600 and more is just unstable). could be with my motherboard, apparently on asrocks website the ram speed support is "3533+ (OC)" so maybe it just doesnt let me go above 3533mhz for that reason.
  14. I do have a tuning, but i only use it for fan control. the overclocking utility in there is unused and auto apply is unchecked for the overclocking section, so it shoudlnt be applying anything weird.
  15. Nope XFR and PBO were not enabled before the update. ram speeds up to 3533mhz gets me 3500+ points consistently, but anything 3600mhz or higher drops my score under 3400 consistently.
  16. Yeah I’ll try 3200 cl18, my regular speed is 3600 cl18 but I’ll see if it helps
  17. Yeah I know there should be a slight performance increase rather than a decrease and yeah my previous score was 3550 which is similar to your 3600. But now with the new bios I’m only getting 3350. The patch log was to increase memory compatibility and performance I think which it did as my memory is now stable at 3600mhz. I updated for the mention of better memory compatibility and stability, but I don’t know why my performance is lower now.
  18. So i updated my b450m steel legend to agesa from agesa and i went from about 3550 points to 3350 points in cinebench r20 after multiple runs. does anyone know what would be causing this loss of performance? The only changes that i made was was upping my memory to 3600mhz from 3533 as it was unstable at 3600 in the previous bios(it is stable now with the new bios) and loading the default uefi settings as it was said in the bios update intructions (i reenabled xmp after loading the default uefi of course to get the 3600mhz). I just dont know how i would lose performance from a new bios and a 66mhz ram increase. Any help in fixing this issue is appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Temps are completely fine. In fact even under a worst case scenario, prime 95 + furmark it does not instant shutdown.
  20. So my pc has been randomly instant shutting off recently. And its completely random. This is because it has done it while im in a game, idling, or browsing the internet. I just don't know what is causing these shutdowns. The only thing that i could see causing it would be the power in my neighborhood, cause its not the most consistent, nor cleanest. Either way, i just don't understand what would be causing this. i've run prime 95 and furmark at the same time and its stable, so i'm kinda lost at this point.
  21. it shoudlnt be bottlenecked in most games. 7400 is still a decent processor. should only be a bottleneck in cpu heavy games.
  22. i guess you do have a point, thats probably why psus have MTBF ratings. more reason to not get the used psu