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  1. Thanks for the tips @Jurronio, seems Asus did make the bottom headers pointing downward. Derzeisig on reddit shared saying he owns the board but not the case but based on the Core P1 review on https://bit-tech.net/reviews/tech/cases/thermaltake-core-p1-tg-review/2/ the mDtx is just a few cm longer than usual mitx. Hence, it is very like to fit even with the riser for vertical GPU mount installed.
  2. Needed some help to find out if I could get the Asus Crosshair VIII Impact Mini-Dtx to fit the Thermaltake Core P1 case. Bad news is I bought the case when it was having some promotions, good news is I have yet to buy the motherboard. I really wanted to have the Crosshair VIII Impact and Core P1 as my next build but because the new Impact board is a Mini-Dtx and the P1 is a Mini-Itx case, I wonder if it is even possible to get it to fit. Would have been great if Asus did not change the size of the Impact board as compared to its predecessors. Last resort would be me getting the ROG Strix x570-I instead, hoping if someone had came across these and able to help me out here.