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    Ryzen 5 3600
  • Motherboard
    Asus B450M
  • RAM
    Vengeance DDR4 3200mhz
  • GPU
    gtx 970
  • PSU
    corsair 1200
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    Windows 10

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  1. hopefully, that is what I am counting on with this b550f board I bought.. Otherwise I do wish I was able to get a 10700k.
  2. I tried to run usermark and this came back as the result for the ram. I double checked and the xmp settings are on for the ram, does this result seem right though? Not sure how to show the image but I attached it. ram bench.bmp
  3. Ok this made it very clear, thank you very much for this!
  4. Ok thanks for this. My understanding now is that I could populate both m2 slots with nvme and my gpu will be unaffected. My only loss is 2 SATA ports. Thanks, I feel confident to go buy the drive.
  5. Only in those specific cases? and the difference is with my board, it doesn't use the PCIe lanes and instead disables the SATA ports is this correct?
  6. Thanks for that clarification. So does this mean that using the m2_2 slot will interfere only with those SATA ports and will not interfere with the pcie x16 slot ? I am a bit confused as I had read elsewhere that populating the m2_2 slot on a board causes it the share bandwidth with the pcie x16 slot (gpu)
  7. Everything seems to be running better than before and I checked the clocks etc like you mentioned. Unfortunately I won't be hitting the fps dreams I had for wwz on amd, but since the intel chips aren't available near me lately I'll make the best of this. Thanks again for your help in making the best of the situation I had.
  8. Hi everyone, looking to pickup https://www.amazon.ca/Black-SN750-NVMe-Internal-Gaming/dp/B07M64QXMN?th=1 SN750 1tb nvme drive today but I have some questions I am hoping to consult the forum about.. My motherboard is Asus B550f Rog Strix https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-B550-F-GAMING/specifications/ Under the specs it lists as an additional note. * Share bandwidth with PCIe3.0 x1_1, PCIe3.0 x1_2, PCIe3.0 x1_3 * When the M.2_2 Socket 3 is populated , SATA6G_5/6 ports will be disabled. Could anyone possibly shed some insight on what all this means for me? I only see 2 sockets on the board for these types of drives, where is this socket 3? Does this bandwidth share mean anything that I need to concern myself with, when adding a second nvme drive in the future or any other interactions I should be aware of? Thanks for any insights.
  9. So after switching boards to the asus rog strix b550f, and the ram kit I linked earlier the Trident rgb cl 14 3200mhz as well as now using the H100i rgb water aio.. I am getting +10 more minimum fps in WWZ. I am only at about 65% max gpu load during benchmark so I am thinking I am cpu bottlenecked (by max clock speed?) Currently just running the ram in the xmp mode, and running the +200mhz max boost option in bios. I'm seeing up to 4275mhz max boost currently, this is definitely better than the previous board + stock cooler. Thanks for the guidance, this is already an improvement. Any quick suggestions of bios options I should look into changing/overclocking? I am getting great temps for the cpu now (60C during loads that were previously causing 90+). Thanks!
  10. I think it was determined I could get a b550 asus strix board now and be able to swap the 3600 out for a Zen3 cpu when they release.
  11. Picking up this rgb ram and the strix board when store opens in a few hours.. Psyched to get this put together. Thanks I'll follow up later today once it's all together
  12. Ok thanks. I was using it with 3600 only because the list of supported CPU on asus website included the 3600 and even better cpus (like 3800x). The cost of impatience
  13. How does that limit the 3600 exactly? If it limits performance a little that's ok wife isn't that hardcore. If it might damage something then I guess I should sell the board asap