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  1. I dont care if its overpriced really since I am gonna have 6 fans the airflow will be quite good since NZXT cases dont do well with few fans with alot of fans its quite good, while yes its not gonna go against the meshify in terms of airflow its still quite good. Your second point I cant argue with that you are right
  2. Does the NZXT CAM device take an rgb header,SATA or something else?
  3. While yes you are right, I dont care about price to performance or bang fir the buck because I have a very big budget and I just want my build to be good and look good I have decided to just keep the fans that come with the case, the reason I wanted to get more rgb fans was so I can have all rgb fans but getting more RGB is just going to make my pc harder to build and this is my first time building a desktop. So I am not going to get any RGB fans, the only ones are on the AIO.
  4. I am a big fan of RGB and in my opinion the phanteks halo doesnt look that good. So do you have any RGB fan suggestions.
  5. Why is it a waste of money . What rgb fans do you suggest?
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newegg.com/amp/black-en-labs-1ft-rgb-splitter/p/1W7-005X-00074 is this a good RGB hub from what the reviews say that its good but I wanted to know your opinion on it. Is it compatible with any fan or only aura sync capable ones?and should I get 3 LL120 or 2LL140?
  7. Yes but I cant use cam for RGB headers so should I remove the cam and add a controller and use that or keep them both.
  8. This is what it says the review is from techpowerup. The NZXT H710i comes with 4 fans and the AIO comes with 2 but the maximum fans in the case is 5 so I am getting two corsair 140x25mm fans so that is 4 RGB headers plus the 2 RGB strips and 4 fans so 4 fan headers so that is good but RGB headers is where I dont understand the case comes with its NZXT CAM device thing which has 2 HUE RGB channels does that mean I need to get another controller or should I remove the CAM device and use only the controller I buy or use both.
  9. I am reading a review and it says it has 8 4 pin fan headers. Does that mean I can plug 8 fans straight into the mobo?
  10. I am not looking for cheaper and water cooling is more efficient when it comes to slower fan speeds. I want to make sure again the fans are not daisy-chainable and I need a PWM splitter and for RGB I need a controller.
  11. Is there any advantages to having an air cooler besides having less parts to fail
  12. So it is possible to daisy chain them and does daisy chaining count for both rgb and fan or just fan
  13. I am not looking for value my budget is around 5 thousand but I would like to keep about 750-1000 for future upgrades and stuff like that. I am getting this next december so hopefully the 30 series gpus are out and I get those. There is 2 fans for the AIO and 2 that come with the case and then there is 2 RGB strips that come with the case but what I was wondering was if the fans on the AIO has a fan header and RGB or if you could link them altogether and use 1 fan and 1 rgb header.@TofuHaroto
  14. https://de.pcpartpicker.com/list/M7NF27 this is a pc I am gonna build. I need to know if the motherboard has enough fan and RGB headers. If not what should I buy/do to fix it.
  15. I am building a pc for gaming and I am getting a 2070super and if it is released by then I will get 3070