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  1. Fun fact in india it actually costs you 60 percent more money to build a similarly specced pc to one in USA and Canada
  2. And is the performance difference between the 1650 and the 1650 super worth the extra 70 USD (at least in my region) ?
  3. Well I was planning a budget build, so I found two GPUs an RX 570 8 gb which was cheaper than the cheapest 1650 Super. So I was wondering which one should I get ? The RX 570 has lower GPU clocks than the 1650 super. But the 570 also has more memory. So should I get the rx 570 or go for the 1650 super ? I don't know if the clocks matter or the size of the memory since, I am new here. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. AMD Fanboy detected ! JK, I mean yes for the foreseeable future which is just a couple of weeks, 1 can confidently say that until Intel starts bundling an Xe Gaming GPU for free with their CPUs, no is gonna buy Intel. You can even go to PC part picker and look at the recently completed builds, most of them are on Ryzen.
  5. I don't know if u are joking or being serious. BTW I live in India, okay now how does that help explain why the government has put a high tax on computer hardware ? And If you don't believe that there is need for hardware in my country there is a whole subreddit for it ! We have like only 3-4 local suppliers other than e-commerce sites like amazon. And I don't believe that having at least a desktop pwoered by an i3 or pentium g4 or whatever those cheap intel processors are called is luxury, it is a necessity. Even If i plan to build a PC with an APU, it will still cost me around 100K INR Like, just a few years ago mobile phones were thought of as a luxury by almost everyone, even my own family members. But now in my family every one has their own smartphone, be it a little 7 year old or an Old aged 66 year old. I think many people in my country are tech-illiterate if that is an actual term, ya know what I am mean; like many people I know say "My Phone has 64 GB of RAM". If the government in the country could do a better job of ya know teaching the people about actually useful things, instead of just shoving money into their mouths, there could be much improvement.
  6. I would like not to disclose this, as a lot many stereotypes are associated with my country............................................................................................................................................................. >> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >> >> > > >> which as with any stereotype is not true
  7. @Flaquez The government in my country says that they want companies to manufacture their products locally, just as a propaganda for their party. So far they haven't ya know, provided compelling enough reasons for many companies to do so. And as far as I know, only electrical appliances (very few, and low quality ones), and some phones are manufactured in my country. Let me give you an example of that too, an Iphone despite being locally manufactured, still costs like 1200-1300 USD, yep that is right 4/3 the actual price of just 1000 USD. And yeah as @minibois mentioned about import tax, we have an import tax of 40-50 % on computers as well. But many large online retailers of computer hardware in my country, ya know like microcenter in US and Canada but smaller, we have 2 or 3 retailers, which get hardware pretty close to their US price. So why can't all the vendors do it ? On amazon a R5 3600 was selling for the price of a 3600XT.
  8. In some countries like the USA and Canada, you can a get decent PC for like 800-1000 USD. But in other countries government taxes computer hardware so heavily that you may need to spend a nice 1000-1200 USD to get the same rig. Why do they do it ? You might say that they do so because there is not a lot of demand in those countries. But the demand isn't there because it is so freaking expensive, if the hardware were to be cheaper, then there would be more demand. Like the country I live in an RTX 2070 which costs 500 USD, costs 650-700 USD. Some retailers in order to make profit, go as far as to sell these at a mind boggling 700-800 USD to make themselves some profit. I was planning to build a basic rig with a Ryzen 3 3100 and a 1660 Super, it costs me around 1300 USD. I chose a B450, not even an X-series or a B550. I always get so freaking angry, when the government taxes computer hardware so high to get dat REVENUE and not tax something else or improve there system to get less corrupt !
  9. There is a 3rd party youtube client. Youtube vanced, its much better, tou should give it a try. It even has a sponsor block that uses crowd sourced data to block annoying sponsor segues................. This message has been brought to you by our sponsors Vincero watches and LTTSTORE.c9m
  10. Please suggest a better name then. And isn't AMD's RDNA2 coming out with support for real time ray tracing ?
  11. I think that is a MOD and not an official support, correct me if I am wrong
  12. Nvidia isn't going to mention the games that may make use of AMD's implementation. Would they ?
  13. And It would be cool, If we could make this a thread that lists all the games that use real time ray tracing, along with what features they use. How about making this a thread listing the games ?