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  1. I thought it would be quite interesting to find out what OS's linustech forum users use right now
  2. Forget about these HTML suggestions. Its completely idiotic since HTML is not even a programming language - it is a markup language and to be honest - a very easy one. In my university nobody even thinks about learning HTML since it is that easy - we just do it. Honestly, all you need for it is a bit of documentation... If you really want to get on crackin' - first of all it would be a good idea to learn procedural programming, because it is easier to understand. Programming language like Pascal is dead but very good for learning what programming is in general. Also, delphi is procedural and C can be procedural as well - but DO NOT learn C as your first language - it will be very frustrating. If you do want to get deep in objective programming without learning procedural in the first place - Java is the way to go. Java is brilliant because of its garbage collector and because everything there is a pointer. So you don't have to worry about memory management. I personally learned programming languages in this order: Pascal, C, C++, Assembly, Java. I am not even mentioning CSS, HTML, because they are not programming languages!.
  3. IDE: Refactoring Auto imports Library downloads (similar to gradle) Auto complete / etc in general. You can go on and on and on. I believe that JetBrains is the company that you should look after if you are java or php developer (their IDE's are awesome) When it comes to programming language - java and C# combination with C/C++ memory management (Java's garbage collector gives you almost no control of it)...
  4. I am planning to buy DELL P2314H monitor in order to make programming more comfortable. I am worried about one thing, however. It has display port, DVI-D and VGA. My laptop only supports HDMI and VGA. Its obvious that VGA shouldn't be used for higher end monitors so I checked out HDMI to DVI-D conversions. What I found was a variety of cables with one side being HDMI and one DVI-D. Then I found that in order to make sure that this works, your monitor has to support HDCP (whatever that is). So I am asking you: will I be able to connect my laptop to this monitor through HDMI connection to monitors DVI-D? Also, if you have any tips for a sub 200 dollar monitor - please go ahead
  5. I am looking for external monitor for my laptop. Mainly, I will use it for programming and browsing the web. I guess I am looking for IPS panel and at least 23" in size and at least 1080p. Any ideas or tips for choosing one?
  6. Z2 looks like a very high end phone, and my galaxy s2 isn't any more. Z2 would be more then enough for phone upgrade. dbrand - cudos to you for making this giveaway possible. I will definitely check out your services and try to use them if I will need to do so.
  7. Most of the time, one day I cook a lot in order to have something for a few weeks to eat. Microwave helps me But all in all, cooking is not my hobby at all. Plus I hate dirty dishes and I hate having to clean them.
  8. Already downloading. Also, on CM rom, when trying to zoom in to an area with Sygic14.3.1, which is really dense - the app crashes (sort of stops responding to touches / keys). Will see if stock rom solves it, but maybe you had this issue?
  9. Ok. So would you recommend using radio which is more suited for Spain itself or rather something that is more or less globally used? Also, what PDA version should I choose?
  10. So, here is the deal: I am going away for vacation to Spain, and I want to make sure that my Samsung galaxy s2 i9100 is going to able to perform at its best during my vacation. I will be using navigation (Sygic) constantly, so I need to make sure that phone doesn't crash and is able to catch GPS signal without any issues. I would like to ask, will cyanogenmod 10.1.3(stable) be able to do this? I am using philz kernel. Or should I use Samsungs 4.1.2 rom? Which is more stable? Or maybe there is even more stable and reliable rom out there? Thank you for your tips.
  11. I have used both mint and ubuntu. All I can say is I have no idea why people love mint so much. Honestly, ubuntu looks heaps better. When it comes to support / stability - its the same. Its been a month +- since I switched to ubuntu from windows and I only boot into windows for playing team fortress 2. Ubuntu is heaps better when it comes to work (I am java / android programmer) and day to day use. But still, gaming - not so much.
  12. Guys, I am talking more about techniques, like agile, scrum or kanban.
  13. Trello is basically a board with virtual sticky notes. What I am looking for is technique for project management.
  14. Currently I am developing application for Android platform. The problem is, that I have very little amount of time and I program that project quite rarely. Because of this issue, sometimes it is not easy to catch up on what I have already done and what should be done / etc. I have read (a little bit) about various project planning techniques, like agile, but never really used them. I would like to ask for your opinion on what kind of planning technique should be used for personal project management. Any other tips are always welcomed. I am very grateful for your time, thanks!