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  1. celebrating ocolus's new facebookising Facebook + Zuck + Ocolus = fuckolus
  2. here is my list: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/qufu/saved/vYWDqs if anyone wants to play the game just make a full setup including peripherals that only the highest of high class compensators would need. i would put in special parts but i dont know how to do that on pcpartpicker so anything that is not off the shelf or can be found in pcpartpicker you can just say or link in your post. Thank you for playing my 10 minute cure for boredom game.
  3. when you need a pc for your friends byopc workstation party
  4. honestly with that much hardware especially with the amount of rgb and aestetichly cool pieces you will have i dont think it will look bad at all. also personally i like the phanteks case better, but with aestetich choices like this it all depends on your preferences and modularity and compatibility with your current parts and maybe some upgrades down the line.
  5. hi am building a budget rig my pc has the hardware you see in my profile pic a optiplex 9020 a refurbished dell corporate computer which is pretty good for the price and i have a gtx 1650 super from gigabyte my dads spare office monitor is pretty crappy and i have around 150 dollars and am targeting 140hz at 1080p. please suggest anything that you think would be good or give me advice for making sure i get something good.
  6. this new video from ltt should help a lot
  7. the best bang for the buck in my eyes is the 1660 super or 1650 super from nvidia since at around that price the only gpu from amd you can find is the rx580, which as you can see in the image below is a worse than the 1660 super. For cpu at this price point i would reccomend amd no doubt. the ryzen 5 3400g is what reccomend for you and its 150 dollars so its only intel competitor in price is the i7-2600 which performs much worse and is still 50 dollars more expensive than the ryzen 5-3400g look at this link for benchamrks https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-2600-vs-AMD-Ryzen-5-3400G/620vsm825156
  8. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/qufu/saved/pfx7XL for 500 bang for buck and sorry here is the shareable one for the 900 bang for buck https://pcpartpicker.com/user/qufu/saved/pcgVcf
  9. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ for 900 dollar bang for the buck
  10. Hi i this is my second day on the forum so hello
  11. @NekoTeagan you have to return the motherboard or cpu now. Your motherboard is to old for your cpu and you have to do a bios update on that motherboard for it to work. Doing a bios update on that motherboard is a huge pain in the ass. You would have to get a new amd system with an older processor to update that motherboard and even if you have a spare previous generation to the processor you have system it is still a huge pain in the ass. Also i see you just went to pcpartpicker.com and just sorted the part either by budget or with the first result, that is fine to get a rough idea of the system your getting but actually buying it like that will make you end up with a randomly misspecked system. If you dont believe me about the motherboard update requirement you can just google it. Also on pcpartpicker there is a giant red incompatibility warning that you might have ignored but i hope you can return that motherboard and get a newer one or return that cpu and get an older one. Sorry i could not have warned you about this before i just realized the problem. If you have any questions you can message me or replie to this post.
  12. also if you are going for budget get a 1660 super or 1660 ti as a graphics and i definetly agree you should get a corsair cx550, or cv450 at least. But be sure to check how much wattage you need but a cv450 is good for a majority of systems around 1500 dollars. although your system does not appear to be too budget, i might suggest you get a used 2060 or 2070 as a graphics card and use any money you save by buying used and get more ram. @NekoTeagan
  13. I totally just made this so i could share my cooking food with a computer idea. Also the cpu does not need to be the exact i9-9900k i believe cooking stuff is compatible with any cpu that runs hot enough (be sure to not let any cooking juice or food get on the computer so you dont fry a pc or create a fire).
  14. They should uninstall the cooler on a something like a core i9-9900k system and use it to cook the beans. (future ltt video idea?)
  15. go to timestamp 6 minutes and 5 seconds on this video to see a repair men try to giagnose the problem with a computer with beans in it.