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  1. so can you explain to me why my psu and a lot says they are dc-dc since u said the voltage coming from the wall is AC ?
  2. so I have nothing to worry about right ? because i'hv been told that the 100-240v input is better than the 200-240v so when I saw the ups has 200-240v I got worried thinking that my psu will work like a 200-240v psu srry I don't really know a lot about these stuffs but I would love to learn !
  3. Hello guys so I'm planning to get a psu with 100-240V input , dc to dc and 550W I since in my country we have a lot of power cuts so I gota UPS ( uninterrupted power supply ) and it says it has 200-240V input and 450w and I guess it's dc to ac does that mean my power supply will also work at 200-240V input and dc to ac ?
  4. l prblm raho f drahem hadak li kayen en plus même l fsp drk rani nhws masbtch min nchriha
  5. Oui l gold mliha ana rah njib FSP HYPER M85+ bronze nchlh we both get good ones
  6. Ah okey so the 100-240V are full range okey thank you so much dude I will go for the 100-240V so these models of V2 have the same components the only difference is the voltage?
  7. Yes and that's driving me crazy I also found the one you were talking about the 230V https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/power-supplies/mwe-series/mwe-550-bronze-v2-230v/ I know the mwe bronze v2 is a good unit but I'm confused so much right now I don't even know which one is the better so there is 3 models ( Full range - normal one - 230V one ) and i don't know which one we have in my country -.-
  8. Dude on there website there is two model of bronze V2 MPE https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/power-supplies/mwe-series/mwe-650-bronze-v2/ https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/power-supplies/mwe-series/mwe-650-bronze-v2-full-range/ What's the difference ?
  9. Hey another question In the mwe bronze v2 there is a full range input one and another one without full range input what's the difference because in the Tier list in B+ there is the bronze v2 full range input not the other one
  10. ah sorry I thought hyper and hyper m85+ are the same serie now I have to choose between the hyper m85+ and the mwe bronze V2 Btw Thank you so much u'hv been so helpful to me in my topics
  11. So why in this topic they are mentioning that the hyper from FSP is group regulated while the unit is dc-dc ?? I don't get it
  12. they say its dc-dc does that means it's not group regulated?
  13. Hello guys Im about to get an FSP HYPER M85+ 550W BRONZE but someone told me you shouldn't because it's group regulated so What is that ? And how can I know that it's really group regulated!
  14. Ya khou hadi mliha ms mindak yji fiha coil whine mais hiya coil whine ay psu 9ader tji fiha ya khou ida t9dr tjib l mwe gold hiua the best choice ( since we don't have a lot :(( ) Ana ni nawi njib l bronze psq tkfi l my gtx 1660 or blk fsp hyper m85+ 550W haven't decided yet