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    where m' dad go


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    Core i3 5015U
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    HAHAHA idk I have a Laptop
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    4GB, DDR4
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    Intel HD 5500
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    Laptop (1)
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    17inch and probably 1080p
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    Spinny boi
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    Old broken Dell Mouse from 2010

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  1. My parents will mostly use it for work, and given how terrible my specs are I'm only playing Retro Games on it since those are the type of games I'm mostly interested on.
  2. Yeah, we're really on a tight budget and I want to know if this is a good monitor
  3. I have a PC with a pretty old AMD A4 7300 Dual Core with 4GB of RAM, which my Sister's Teacher gave us. It came with a.. pretty old Dell Monitor which was probably from 2009. But my Mom bought an HP w2070a, which was totally an upgrade. It has a 16:9 Aspect Ratio and 75hz. What are your thoughts about the Monitor if you use one?
  4. The reason for Windows on ARM not running so well is probably because no one even bothered to optimize their apps for ARM, although Adobe is working on optimizing their apps for said CPU Architectures, We've got no other news other than "We're working on it" I think I saw in WWDC that they are gonna reach out to third party devs to re-write their apps. I hope that Apple Silicon will be great. In terms of Hackintoshes, as TempestCatto said It's just apple's way to prevent them. The modding community will be sure as hell that they're gonna find a way
  5. Ok since I have the Android Version of the Tablet, the BIOS was completely different so I opened the Bootloader
  6. Pretty sure Rice could fix taking down the temps
  7. Wait, I read this. I have the one with Android 4.4.4 as its Stock ROM. The one on the Website is showing the one with Win8.1 as its Stock ROM.
  8. Ok, I'm going for Windows. I have Change my Software installed. What do I do to the tablet?
  9. Oof, then what about the Windows 10 32Bit? I'm doing this Dual Boot for productivity like Office 365 since the Tablet is much more portable than a Laptop. If Ubuntu has support for 2010 Office 365, where can I get it?