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  1. id agree with that but the general TDP is quiet high which is a factor for me
  2. had a rx480 with intense heating issue kinda leaning towards nvidia side..
  3. budget and market restrictions lead me to a choice of RX570 4Gb OR GTX 1060 3Gb which one would be best for 1080p 60fps gaming
  4. thats true for some markets but i doubt that it will effect the used market right away due to this COVID 19
  5. already cleaned the whole thing with a new thermal paste my bet is on the vram which was hotter than the rest of the gpu (felt it by hand) and i had a custom fan curve ramming them to 100% which would drop down the temp to 88c
  6. i cleaned the gpu changed the psu and everything you can even check some of my older questions here, got the thermal paste changed didn't do anything to the temps it would go above 90 and then throttle down moreover the seller agreed to take it back
  7. well not really in the market for a brand new gpu probably in the future but for now it will be out of my mentioned budget
  8. yeah my main consideration was the 1060 6gb is it better than the 1070 the rx480 was a bust i tried everything it was running hot so i return it to the seller, for curiosity it was a sapphire nitro variant and was throttling at 90c
  9. Hello everyone, wondering if anyone can suggest a good graphics card for a 150-200 dollar budget in the used market (currently in a shortage of products, middle eastern country pakistan) i got a RX480 which was overheating which begs me to ask another question that if there could be something wrong with my hardware that cause it to overheat? (bios or anything other thing, NOTE: ive removed the side panel of the case and have it in an air conditioned room)
  10. Its reaching 90c at 100% utilization with games and furmark It's a used card seller says he had it laying for a year or two There's no difference with the side panel off and even used an external fan The ambient temps are at 20c
  11. I got an rx480 which is overheating atm. Should I change the thermal paste or do i just return it back to the seller (cause once i open the card the seller might not want it back and could there really be any other reason for overheating other than thermal paste itself?)
  12. thank you this really help, btw does changing the thermal paste effect the value of the gpu or anything? (sorry if this seems a bit blunt but i was told against by the person who sold me the card, his argument was that the people weren't experienced enough but dont think you really need to be a professional to change a thermal paste mind you these guys probably build pcs everyday)
  13. yeah just used a blower on it no improvement probably my only option is to get the thermal paste redone
  14. My sapphire rx480 tends to run at around 90c under max utilization, its not stuttering in games or any loss of fps. im just worried about the peak of 91 or 92, i have opened up the case side panel and even tried an external fan but it has no effect max temps