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  1. I only know it's a 2070. Does anybody know which model it is? I realy like the lighting bar.
  2. I guess that what happens when you buy a budget case. But I mean there has to be some way to control the fan speed on these. The other option would be to buy all new fans + a hub. which would probably be more expensive whole the case
  3. Yeah I looked there as well. I knew that the hub was molex powered before buying it, but I figured there would be an easy way to work around that. "There are adapters for everything", I thought to myself. It's annoying that the fans use this weird 6 pin connector.
  4. There is a cable going to the front panel to switch through rgb settings. It sadly doesn't control the speed. No other cables.
  5. Hey guys, I got myself a Kolink Observatory case with 4 included fans. My problem is that they are powered through a included fan hub powered through molex, which makes the fans run at 100% permanently. Would have just bought another hub, but these fans use a 6 pin connector and it seems pretty much impossible to find a hub for them that also allows speed control. Does anybody have a idea to work around my problem?