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  1. I see. I'll try if updating GPU driver will solve it. chipset already the latest driver it seems.
  2. Yeah, tried all those already. What annoys me the most is that it only happens on the High Spec Win10 pc, while the 10 years old pc with Win7 doing fine, even with just 8gb ram and old mechanical hdd.
  3. Well, the technology most likely gonna get better and better. Hopefully by the time it gets near perfection there will be a good enough AI to counter it. @LinusTech had a girl employee? I thought they're all dudes (Not counting Yvonne since I consider her the mega boss). But yeh, I've been thinking since like 30 minutes ago that the no emphasis is an obvious tell tale sign (atleast for ppl who watch LTT vid often), due to Linus usually emphasize a lot.
  4. I think if you are that concerned and doesn't want to take the risk you can put your phone in a zip lock or use those waterproof phone bag while outside ?? Just that you probably won't be able to use fingerprint scanner or iris scanner. I usually just use 70-75% alcohol, sprayed onto a microfiber cloth then wipes the phone using it, dries slower than a 95% or 99% though since it contains water. My friend uses those UV light dome, like the one you get from Whitestone dome, idk if its safe for the phone in the long run or not though.
  5. IMHO the biggest problem about deepfake is when people who barely or totally doesn't know about a certain person (in this case, Linus), and/or does not know about the thing called deepfake sees the fake one, especially if they have low end PC/Internet and can only play youtube videos at lower res due to internet data price. I mean.... that person may straight up believe that it's the real deal. The keen eyed ones will spot the ... "quirkyness" right away or after some time, but the question is how many keen eyed ones are out there?, at this day and age even something that shouldn't ever go viral can go viral like a wildfire, that alone (for me atleast) is already a big proof how many people actually have keen eyes, or do some research before believing and/or spreading something that looks absurb / morbid / whatever while a simple google search will tell you its a hoax / fake. I'm not @LinusTech, but I think the video supposed to trigger reaction about deepfake and/or to see if people can notice the differences, and/or how many differences peoples can spot. So I don't think you are wrong in doing so, Not like you did it in a bad intention anyway, right ? XD
  6. Hi, so..., my new PC is using Win10, and I (somehow) just noticed that when something is loading on other tab, the current tab where I am at having a choppy scrolling, then return to smooth after the other tab finishes loading page. When I have a game opened, the scroll is always choppy until I close the game window. Anybody knows what could be the problem? because the old PC (Win7) doesn't have this kind of issue eventhough it has waaaay lower spec.
  7. I played FF15 & Shadow of Tomb Raider with a GTX 660 OC, just that I had to close and restart the game after like 1-2 hours, and everytime after I enter Paititi <_<
  8. Also take care with some printed stuffs, the 95% alcohol dissolves some types and leaves you with a sticky mess smearing.
  9. Right... I totally forgot about Rule 34. Thanks for reminding me Trik'Stari, now I won't be shocked if I ever stumble into one.
  10. Linus can't retire. No one drop expensive stuffs better than Linus. Take care that your face isn't used for pr0n though, although.... it might be good for monetization
  11. Ahh I see, I am now more knowledgeable about these things. I guess I'll just try to find something in my house that needs stabilizer. lol Thank you for spending your time to answer my question guys.
  12. Hi guys, First of all sorry if this is posted on the wrong thread.. I couldn't choose more fitting one than this one. My old PC used a stabilizer due to the high UPS price back then, and now I got one for the new PC. I gave the old PC to my brother, and since lately he kinda lost his work due to sudden blackout, I was thinking to use the UPS for both PC. But..., I kinda feel wasting the stabilizer in doing so, since it is still working quite well eventhough it's an old one. And so, I'd like to ask if it's okay to use a UPS (Non-Online one) and stabilizer together for PC, or the UPS alone already acts like a stabilizer? and if it is ok to use both in chain, what's the proper setup for it (Wall Outlet -> Stab -> UPS -> PC?) ?? My UPS is just a local brand or South-East Asia brand (i think), Prolink PRO1201SFCU https://prolink2u.com/product/super-fast-charging-line-interactive-series/
  13. Poinkachu

    Hello wello

    Hi everyone, I stumbled upon LTT not too long ago, and decided to join in on the forum just today. As for myself, I'm from South-East Asia. I'm not a pro IT guy or something, but I sure know a thing or two about technology and lots of other stuffs. As english is not even the 2nd most used language in my country, I hope that no one mind some weird grammar or something. I love PC related stuffs, DIY, and learning new things (Just not math, really) Well, I hope those suffice as an intro for now (I suck at it) I hope we'll get along well. And I hope all of you (and your PC) are virus free.