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  1. unable to locate my thumb drive, have changed it to all the available usb ports
  2. HI, build my first PC and able to get to the bios. However noted the the boot debug LED is still on. I have used the thumb drive to load windows but nothing happens when i plug in my thumb drive or when i restart it while pressing F11. Able to advise?
  3. based on NZXT website the cooer X73 should be compatible with LGA 1200 intel socket. But on the box and on the instruction it doesn't seem to indicate it is compatible. Will I be able to fix them together ? Pls advise!
  4. Correct me if i am wrong. I believe PSUs shld be compatible to all kind as long as we get the sufficient wattage. Are there instances that the PSU wiring or layout is not compatible to mother board or other PC parts?
  5. any idea how many watts psi to get?
  6. I actually have all the parts. Only left GPU and PSU. Any recommendations or improvements??
  7. This is my parts. For RAM it is actually ADATA SPEcTRIX D50 and M.2 HIK VISION E100N, which i can't find on pcpart picker. I have two questions. Is everything ok so far? Any comments ? What power supply wattage should I buy? looking for recommendations. Btw no budget limit and i am from singapore. Thanks.
  8. if i notice such a thing. Is it ok if i just replace the m.2 with other brand? after the pc build and setup all done? will it cause any issue?
  9. how will in impact my pc build if it doesn't have cache.?
  10. currently doing my own build with msi z490 gaming carbon wifi motherboard and I7 10700k cpu however during my purchase some of the parts were not available and bought some based on shop owner recommendations. Came home to double check but unable to find the parts in PCpartpicker. Anyone able to advise if this two parts will be compatible with my motherboard and CPU? Will there be any issues? RAM: ADATA XPG Spectrix D50 M.2 : HIKVISION E100N SSD
  11. is it good or bad? lol sorry new to this. Budget is not a issue. As long as it works good.
  12. how about i use air cooler : be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4. is it good enough for 10700k?