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  1. Just got home and found out they are not GTx But found i7 960 professor instead and .....
  2. NVM I was looking at yr signature Ryzen 3.. thought it's a budget PC setup
  3. The parts I got at home not from 20 years ago... It's a Gigabyte and Msi if not mistaken with GTX 960 or 980 I think given by some1. Sorry for the mistakes Ryzen 3950 (3650) Still trying to cope in memory getting old. Btw Ty for the Advice
  4. Really? That's setup could do it..?
  5. Well currently No budget due to building it up piece by piece, so long It could do the job intended flawless.. One thing is for sure, I need to learn about over clocking. Well currently I do have some old motherboard and graphic cards but not sure if they still works.
  6. Well Hello All, I'm new in the forum. Well the last time I build a PC was about 20 years.. Stop the interest 5 years after and now Back in 2020. For the last 3 days I've been viewing Reviews and searching the web high and low regarding PC. Thought of building a New PC that can serve the purpose for Streaming, Video Editing, Photo Editing, Music Editing and Gaming (Pubg or COD). Got Confused several times while watching reviews.. lol. In the end I decided to go with a Build that maybe could last for 3-5 years to come but still uncertain with some parts... This is what I plan to use Ryzen 9 3650x Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut Rog strix rx5700xt Corsair vengeance Rgb 32 gb 16x2 Samsung 970 1tb Evo plus 2tb HDD ??? Should I use HDD?? K95 platinum xt rgb keyboard G502 lightspeed mouse Rgb Long mouse pad Only 7 things that I'm not sure, 1. Motherboard 10th gen??? (something that I use for upgrade in the future) 570, 490 or 2. PC case 3. Rgb Cooling System Thought of Water system 4. Monitor (for now not 4k) 5. Radiator 6. PSU 850w is it enough? If it is Asus platanium or Thermaltake Or others.. Currently it will be a Future FYI I live in Singapore. An Expensive country to Stay at.