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    Cr0n05 reacted to chocolatekarma in I5 to I7? 1050 to rx 5660 or rtx 2060? Any Help?   
    4 cores 8 threads is pretty much the current PC gaming minimum standard now, so the extra 4 threads will certainly help.  Several modern games use hyper threading really well now.  Even on 1st and second gen i7's.  And you'll typically get more FPS per dollar with AMD cards, but I prefer Nvidia as their drivers are virtually always better.
    A 1660 Super will get very near 2060 performance, and for quite a bit less.  A 1660 is pretty much just a slightly crippled 2060.
  2. Informative
    Cr0n05 reacted to porina in I5 to I7? 1050 to rx 5660 or rtx 2060? Any Help?   
    Going from an i5 to i7 can improve gaming experience more than raw fps increases, as it can help with the apparent smoothness (better minimum fps). The problem is, at least where I am, many people are considering a similar upgrade. So i7 are holding high prices which make them poor value as an upgrade. If you do consider this route, also consider 6th gen CPUs. There isn't much between them so that might open the choice a little.
    The upgrade to GPU should help a fair bit, as I'd consider a 1050Ti to be on the lower end today. With any of the upgrade options you can pretty much max out settings at 1080p60.
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    Cr0n05 reacted to Boomwebsearch in I5 to I7? 1050 to rx 5660 or rtx 2060? Any Help?   
    I would recommend upgrading the graphics card to a RX 5600XT or the RX 5700/5700XT if your budget allows for it. A 7th gen Core i5 to a 7th gen Core i7 isn't really going to be worth it for the slight difference in performance (approximately 10 to 15 percent in testing). It would be better to upgrade the GPU now and save up to upgrade the motherboard + CPU to Ryzen 3rd gen or 4th gen which should come out soon.