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  1. Its not scam, it will only go on 150c°. They will pitching peoples while someone take one video about that, but no one isn't that far away of awareness to buy it.
  2. It can be made. I wanted to make this, but there were problems. First is that powersupply chilled and other cables so it cant work. Second is motherboard software and hardvare cant work because of chilling(bios and many other physics issues) Third not big but complicated, ec 100 isnt recommended to mix with water, you can but its not recommended, so you must 100% fill up liquid and vacum all holes. Fourth is that cpu will not have any affect of these - 25 unitly it have cpu block, pretty same with gpu. And solution for all of that is one refrigeration chiller unit which will direct chilling cpu and other will be cpu block with water(ec-100) cooling loop which will freeze ec 100 liquid on some 8 degrees. Next step is preventing motherboard from high temp if overclocking and condesing because cpu chilling. Then must maked smallest as possible box wher you will fit mothermoard with vertical gpu soaked in ec 100 coolant with acrylic which electocool recommending. That box how they've written must have some especially dimensions. First thing is that chiller's cpu block must be soaked in box to earse all of condese. Second is with higly precision engineered flow of liquid for gpu and motherboard. Results? Inceredible!, it can be fitted miniature desk for only one monitor. But chilling unit must be small and efficient ! ! !
  3. I thinked about chilling cpu and cold liquid cooling gpu with an dc unit small like rigid hvac as ive seen these small unit can fit in my case. Or other option something like digital storm's cryo tec system where stacked peltiers(multi stage) cools i7 980 on 4.6 on 0°c.?!?! it more than 250w with as they said with minimum one 360 radiator.
  4. very easy , bonus on really cold days i will freeze, but nice idea
  5. https://www.performance-pcs.com/water-cooling/water-blocks/water-blocks-misc/koolance-plt-un50f-cold-plate-50mm-x-50mm-1-97in-x-1-97in-plt-un50f.html Can it cool 200w ? No where spec of that. What temps are ?
  6. And how cryo tec system working, when tec direct to cpu is not effective.
  7. Is this good to add to something like id cooling phase change. I need to put phase change in pc case but with this method with liquid cooling, but what is that fluid? Original topic https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1249080-mini-water-chiller-or-at-least-cpu-chiller-built-in-pc-case-please/?tab=comments#comment-14040131
  8. I spent, I think 20hours of watching and reading about chillers, how they works and videos of existing pc case chillers. But I don't want add ome big rigs, I want that It can fit In case with components. I have custom made case, so it's big enough to fit two motherboards next to each. Best I found of chillers is https://www.amazon.com/Coaxial-Refrigeration-Compressor-Portable-100W-360/dp/B07RRWS2T4?th=1&psc=1 bigger or smaller, but something like that. Maximim size of chiller must be 23x50x35cm this is free space in my case. And I prefer to make chiller to better fit in case, if its necessary. But will be 400-500w coling capacity enough for stock ryzen 3900x tdp 105w and rtx 2080, I think 1,5kw is enough for temps I need? What I can make or buy? Preferred that cpu and gpu temps dont go above maxxxx 30°C at full load. What type of chilling is best? There is 8 ways to chill watter, but I'm not sure whats most effective. Please help me, I want to make project step by step how to make pc case with chiller. That would be very helpful, for all overclockers who wants stylish pc case. Off course including chiller case will cost you minimum 120$, but its better than 99% cases.
  9. @CircleTech What do you think about this deal, where on in description write mpn dosent apply, ean doesnt apply, but what is Fire : Intel Are they good ? Where I to buy good e5 2650 v2 ?
  10. How most people say that phanteks ph-tc14pe go 1-2 degrees more than noctua nh d15, even is better when you change fans I buyed phanteks ph-tc14pe because I saw every review where gamer nexus test cpu coolers on ryzen 3900x? oc to 4.2 with tdp of 200w, where results of noctua nh d15 = 55 degrees So I said phanteks will be 56-8, I run i7 3930k on 115w stock and thannnnn..... 58 degrees on 1250rpm fans ? Wtf where I am wrong ?! ?!
  11. So what is option now, you said that programs like aster will be good for multi user on one desktop? So gues will play game while Im touching Ps, the same as two opened process ? Like streaming, but only two keyboards and mouses, possible with aster?
  12. So whats you recommend, what I to look specs when buying kvm or whatever names of that ?