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  1. Like less then 50 bucks Australian. I don't know if its because of Covid or just because im australian but there really doesn't seem to be a huge difference in prices between b550 and x570 which is why ive been kinda on the fence about what to do
  2. Yeah the tomahawk has been in my peripheral vision for a while. Though i was already looking at more expensive boards so i didn't really think about it too much. And i know its a popular board that alot of people like but my current msi board has kind of put me off. I'll keep it in my sights though.
  3. Would you also recommend an X570 AORUS Elite WiFi? It seems very similar to the PRO and is close to 70 bucks cheaper. Would you also recommend an x570 strix or TuF? How about the X570-F Strix? It is within the same price range as the other boards? It's really not that much more expensive then the TUF
  4. The strix is 440 aud and the Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite is 430 aud so i guess that's the top of my budget. I was really looking at the strix F but it doesn't have front usb c. it feels kind of silly to have a case with front usb C but no motherboard. Though the difference in cost is pretty decent... And it feels a little silly paying the difference for the strix E just for front usb C lol. Is it worth spending the extra money for x570? Thats also where i am getting tripped up between high end b550 and med tier x570
  5. Hey so apologies for the nooby question I have a 3700x and a 2070 super if that's important I'm looking to change out my motherboard, the one i have has just been causing me issues and has already been RMA-ed etc etc. I'm just looking for a new motherboard. I was looking at x570 boards then b550 came out and they seem pretty interesting too. It seems that people like the ASUS ROG Strix B550-E some people say it is quite expensive but i was looking at around $500 (AUD) motherboards anyway. I know there is a cheaper version but that doesn't have front USB-C which is a feature i really want. I was also looking at a MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk as its a decent bit cheaper and seems similarly speced but i've not had great experience with MSI and it has kind of put me off of their boards. The ROG B550-E also is also in the price range of some (What i think) are pretty good X570 boards like the Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite Wifi. So i am just really confused as to what i should get. - Front type C connector is really important to me - BIOS flashback is also pretty important as whenever i jump into the bios to do anything, i stress real hard about bricking it. - Decent power delivery is also something i am looking for. Of course i only have a 3700x so its not like i need anything overkill but i do want to overclock some and more is better in terms of power phases. I think that's it i guess, stuff like fan and RGB headers i don't really care about as i use a corsair commander and already have an AIO and all that. Sorry if this is kind of rambily and an annoying post, I am just a little anxious about what to get.
  6. This is my first time posting so please forgive me if I'm in the wrong place or if i make other errors. I'm looking to migrate to a new case and motherboard. The motherboard isn't important but for the case I'm looking at the Lian Li PC-o11 Dynamic. My only concern is i currently use a 280mm AIO to cool my CPU (corsair h115 platinum) so I'm just wondering if anyone knows if it will fit. I know it wont fit in the side but im un-sure about the top. Ive seen people say that it can fit two 140mm fans on the top so i think that means it should be able to fit the 280mm aio but i just wanted to be sure.